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  1. Thanks again for you support I've taken everything on board. I understand her more then anyone, it has taken time though. But children and the teachers still are not sure what to do and why she does it. I love to see her doing the jigsaw over and over again, it's the calmer side I see off her and it's so nice to watch. I will update on how the asseasment goes. take care.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply, she is such a lovely girl but needs some support now as it has gone on for way to long, and children are becoming scared of her and that is not what I want. I doubted my instinc due to the teachers saying "she was fine in the class yesterday with more children in the class" then other days she cant handle it. I have got her behaviours less frequent at home, but at school they are struggling. They use all the autistic strategies with her and they are trying there best, but untill and if she gets diagnosed she won't get one to one funding and she keeps telling me she wants to be on her own in a class room because all the children are noisy. Then she has masivebehavouirsand attacks sometimes 5 or 6 children in her class, runs around the school, hurts her self for attention and the list goes on. She doesn't like anyone touching certain things of hers like play doe that she is given to roll in her hands, or sort teddys they give her as she becines obbsessed over things. she has just started with rescent repetative behaviours such as doing a jigsaw 8 times in a day, this may be normal but today when I said it was to late she became agitated and angry. She also obsessive over food and wants to eat all the time. Her assessment is in November and we have been waiting a long time so I am relived about that. Fingers crossed and thanks again for you advice x
  3. Hi guys in New to this, so my daughter is 5 and is currently under cahms and is being assessed for autisum and adhd, She has loads of support at school as her behavouir is worse there. She struggles with there being so many in her class and is very violent to other children, she has obbsessions and some repetitive behavouir also. She had headphones today to block the back ground noise due to her behavouir at school, the teacher said it worked really well during maths but in her music lesson she took them off and begain to sing louder then any one. . If she was on the autistic spectrum would she not struggle with music lesson and the loudness? I feel as though the teacher tried to say she can control it in certain settings. She does not like to many people around her in her space and can't concentrate for a long period of time and is very hyperactive. But some things she can tolerate, like other loud noises. Would this mean she is not on the spectrum of she can control her self in some settings. Any advice would be appriciated. Thank you
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