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  1. Hi my son has autism, he’s 16 and now is refusing to go to school and started locked himself in room. He was always struggling to attend school, he extremely clever but has social anxiety. He wants to go to college but I don’t know how this will happen? Will he get more motivated as he gets older ? He stayed staying in his room night and say and became withdrawn, It started two weeks ago when he just stayed in bed for 4 days and only came out the day of his 16th. And one week later is back in his room and blocked door with furniture so we can’t open door. He wants to go to school but doesn’t, he wants to do sport but doesn’t. School is amazing support but and keeps saying he’ll go in but he can’t go and I think he’s very disappointed he’s not going. He’s definitely got depression at min. We attend lucina but he’s still not participating in life. He wonts take his medication now and I’m so worried about him. Covid 19 hasn’t helped Any advice ?
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