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  1. Hi all, I have not been assessed to see if I have Aspergers or not but I believe I may have it based on discussions with my family about my behaviours, completing online Aspergers tests (I normally score around 40, whereas 28-31 indicates Aspergers) and by reading content online from others and noticing I do similar things that they have noted. To quickly summarise I Love: Working and collecting data Working alone Memorising phone numbers, bank card numbers, car number plates and dates of birth. Noticing patterns in things I find difficult: Social interactions Working with people -Building friendships To resume something after interruption Change of routine Making eye contact I noticed I: Find it difficult to know when it is my turn to speak on the phone Fixate on the small details rather than the whole picture and will constantly work at something until it is complete. Constantly talk around people I am comfortable with about what I want to talk about, not what they want to talk about. Randomly say quotes from movies or lyrics form songs and repeatedly say these quotes or lyrics out loud to people. Get anxious when forced to be around large groups of people. Find it hard to let go of things(for example if I shouted at on the phone by a customer in work, this will annoy me and I will keep thinking about it for many days) I am thinking that it would be best to get assessed as to whether I have Aspergers or not, even though I don't think it will make a great deal of change in my life, I would still like to have confirmation either way. Would any of you that have been diagnosed recommend it is the best thing to do? Or would it be better to just try to mask these behaviours as best as possible and get on with things as best I can? Would you also think any of the following below are possible Aspergers behaviours? I think of a word in my head and try to use "line combinations" to write the word in the fewest line combinations as possible. e.g. I will spell out the word "Ten" with nine lines/sticks When walking between destinations I will pick a random number of seconds e.g. 600 and I will count in my head to see if I can reach home before this target. If I am quicker than the target I will lower the amount of seconds as a challenge. When I am tracking a package I will check/refresh the tracking information at least 100 times per day to see if the package has moved. I will also do the same if I post on a forum. I will check the page around 100 times to see if someone has left a new comment. In my job (Help desk IT Analyst) I feel panic each time I have to answer a call and feel extreme relief when I finish a call. I will also have problems knowing when it is my turn to speak and will often talk over people. I will also try to talk to customers via instant messaging if possible rather than call them back. Thanks to anyone who takes time to read this and/or reply.
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