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  1. This thread is wonderful to find. I have a young teen with amazing “dark humor” and Ive been trying to share with him that he should consider the appropriate audience or setting before sharing his jokes. Ie w buddies vs in church or in school. He seems to not understand how it may not be funny to others and could even get him in trouble. To him if its funny then others should accept it as a joke and think its funny too and not be offended. I have shared that while I support his authenticity and accept his humor as part of him (even if Im shocked sometimes) that Im trying to share some important social akills because some of the things he says could get him fired at a job some day etc. (time and place). He also enjoys the shock humor as well. So while I get it how might I impart some basic guidelines on how to assess a “scene” to figure out what is appropriate to share? Add impulse control and a teen that I want to keep strong in himself as his amazing individual self.
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