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  1. Harry would give his money away/lend out. not get his bus pass or lunch
  2. Hello ,got a similar problem with my as son. He needs a bank account that he cant overdrawn on for his Ema, also he just been awarded dla again but in my account would like to teach him some more money management skills. or he will end up with no money but lots of friends!
  3. hi again,just posting a update . the police phoned today,they are still interviewing witnesses. What got me angry is the pc says its not up to him to find information about aspergers and the courts will have all the medical reports. He is also saying that he never said to ds "i know your lieing because your not looking me in the eye" But there again he called me by 3 different names on the phone. sarah,cherry and sandra? Hopefully it will be on the tapes just feeling that yet again ds into trouble over some thing hes not done feeling very down about this sarah
  4. 2nd time i have writen this as i cant get the words out right ds had to go to the police station to make a statement about him 1.chaseing a lad with a knife 2.calling another lad racial names 3.armlocking lad2 around neck The police have the above 2 boys aged about 8/9 and another young lad who wouldnt give a statement but did say that ds did say those words,as witnesses. its 3 against 1 But ds has had problems with lad2 before ,police invoved but nothing happened and while we wore out lad 1 came up to play while we were making a statment lol with ds brother. Another possible witness is ds friend who was playing with ds at the time and the friends lads mother was in the park although at the far side. im not going to contact them as i dont feel that i should put them in that position, i just hope they will tell the truth. Ds wouldnt say that he did it and the police man said he was lieing and so its looks like its going farther if the friend says that ds is telling the truth they will drop it but if he dosnt then its going to magistrats court. ds couldnt remember his second name,got his date of birth wronge,started crying and then got angry and swearing. then the policeman said that he know ds was lieing because he wouldnt look him in the eye eh he dosnt look many people in the eye that was 1of the first things that people picked up about him before dx sorry about this rant im just going to wait at least 2 weeks to see what they are going to do just in time for our holiday sorry just fed up he nearly got run over by a bus going to school last week and on friday got kicked out of PE for having his foot under the weights Told by teacher that he was never going to teach him again. sarah
  5. havnt posted for a while , it good news about the dla the feelings you have when it is in the bank are just great . We have just had to apply for harry again as it runs out in august, after 6 weeks found a extra amount in the account .I was worried that it was smaller than his last award of middle care but it seams that it was back pay for mobility lower.So good news. Just had the letter after a week and this time it go up to his 16 birthday.(he is 13 in august) Dont for get to phone the tax credit people about his award for the disabled element ,carers allowance and if your income is low find out about the family fund. vastarah
  6. vastsarah


    hi all,my son is on 3mg each night . But most weekends we try not to give it to him. For harry it works in 3/4 hour and its great not only for me but his 3 brother who share his bed room. The youngest brother is really geting the benifits of having a full nights sleep . like some mums here i wasnt happy about druging him but im glad i did. And he isnt daft because he knew within a week that it wasnt a vitamin! from sarah
  7. hi all, i havnt been on for a while what with the kids and every thing else mums have to do i so pleased to see that somebody had benifited from a very small bit of imformation that i had posted My kids are all well even ,harry in his own way. He has a pastrol surport plan ,a statement ,a social worker, 2 days help each week in the hoildays as well,the cids team helping ,parent partnership help and we have had funding from the family fund. Well if i didnt ask for help no one else would The forms for dla have arrived again for renewal ,so im about to start all over again there. I would like to thank the people on this forum for all the help ,support and advice given so freely and without judgement. <'> from vastsarah
  8. thanks, i hope that all gose well for you this time and it dosnt take to long. The money that i have got we are going to save up for his playhouse then use it for the hoildays!! Hopefully it will help in someway but money isnt every thing. He still will have his problems
  9. hi all, <'> i must say that the benifit and allowances are a bit of a mine field. I have the middle rate DLA for harry and phoned the working family tax credit people and they have givin us �31 more a week!!!!on top of the DLA. But they say that itsnt carers allowance,so i phoned the DLA back up and asked about carers allowance and they are going to send a form!!! What i cant understand is that why isnt it coming from 1 pot ,and why we need to fill in different forms (apart from wmtc). Im feeling like a money grabing harpe at the moment if he didnt want/need a base of his own (playhouse type shed) i would burre my head in shame at what im becoming. from vastsarah
  10. hi all <'> im just so glad for the dla which i have got but i dont know any thing about carers allowance.On the leflet it said to phone the working tax credit people which we have because we are on a low income . But im still geting my head around the fact we got middle rate i was seeing the doctor today about harrys statementing and she was surprised that i got middle rate. She was the one to tell me to apply for it to begin with. But i know that i didnt write any thing down that wasnt true about harry. She warned me that when she writes about harry for the statementing it wont be very nice. Only the negitive things about him which she will send me a copy of in a letter. I have started my perental advice and have till 9 th july to send back , the school nurse has helped me with it. from vastsarah
  11. hi all im so happy harry has got middle rate disability living allowance I thought the letter i was opening was to tell me that they had my forms and would deal with us in due time! BUT it the real thing, i will beable to get the shed he wants WOOOWOOOWOOOW i cant tell you the feelng i have that some one has classed harry as disabiled when im still finding that so hard .untill 6 months ago i had a normal heathly boy just some one thats hard work. This was awarded very quickly ,it only in May that i aplyed. Thanks to m brown ,nellie and helen for all the help from vastsarah <'>
  12. hi all I agree with carol ,stuation like mine. But thanks for the link hubby came home yesterday heard it on the radio and wanted to know if i knew any thing about it. from vastsarah
  13. mbrown <'> <'> what can i say about what you put up im slowly reading thought it ,picking out bits that apply for harry toileting needs are fine with him ,Although movement he hasnt got a problem ,he just take off and will go at any time of the day or night! i think i should put that down. Helen has sent me a couple of PM which have help enormostly i feel like this form isnt going to beat me" i will survie " Thank you for your time and effort to put that on the forum <'> from vastsarah
  14. <'> hi all,well ive disided to try and fill in the forms of DLA name and date of birth were easy But i need some advice over a few question im not asking for answers as each child with AS is different but i just want to try and understand what the dla are wanting to know?i dont want to miss the point! page 5 "why the child needs someone awake with them during the night"? we dont need to be awake in the night with him but cant go asleep untill he dose and then he will be some where different in the morning from where he went to sleep , most mornings . page 6 "does the child have a delay in their development of physical or sensory skills? he is too physical ,can i put that? page 12 "does the child need help being understood by other people?" example :because of a language disorder or a physical speech problem? harry will talk about same thing over and change the subject loads of times but is that what they are on about? communicating with other people? is the child unwilling to communicate with other people ?eg difficult or withdrawn behavior fustration,stress,a communication disorder. well ive had enough and im only on page 12 My days i clean the house,do the garden ,walk the dogs ,vist my granparents every 2nd week for a day cooking ,treasure for majorettes troupe thats before 5 kids come home ,then im on the go till harry settles ,how can i even get the mental energy or physical strenth to fill in a form ,26 pages long asking about all the bad point of my child Could we have a page where we could just say what a bad day we have had? i dont know what you could call it? any way less of my ramberlings and by the way i had a awfull weekend due to work in the garden with a digger ,meals being late and extra people around and a "friend" said would harry enjoy haveing a digger around! yeh like **** the whole weekend was a nightmare from vastsarah x
  15. hi im vastsarah ,im just posting to see if my pic comes up well a little about me im married with 5 children,4 boys and a girl i had 5 under 9 years at one stage my girl is 11 and fine all my boys have learning difficultys with reading and writeing but are well liked and mix social very well apart from harry.He is the 4 th child and is 9 years old,he had been diagnosed with AS and ADHD by the nhs doctor the school got in.The ed phy has been called in by the doc and senco to do a statement as they at school cant cope any more And i have asked at the end of the easter hoildays for help from social services plus i have been told i could apply for DLA which im sitting on the forms at the moment .i have no parents they died when i was young and i was raised in foster care .My hubby is my best mate but he has traits of AS and not that serportive,but trys in his own way. im 36 and live in devon with 3 cats ,2 dogs ,1 rabbit and 5 guniee pigs. i dont work but i like reading comp, animals,and as a christrian i find it hard to be a bit more pushy at school from vastsarah
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