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  1. Well I'm not a parent so this is a seperate issue in that respect. However I do have re-emerging snippets from incidents some of which took place almost thirty years ago. Move on? Let go? I wish I could. The only available solution seems to come in a bottle of pills or even a bottle of PILS! But I know that's a temporary solution and hardly worth the effort. Certainly there is a ton of stuff that I've disgarded as being useless junk memories but this stuff is mostly irritatingly minor by comparison yet it plagues the hell out of me!
  2. Well don't be confused all you did was put over the same point of view in a more thoughtful fashion Tim (this time without the echo)
  3. This medium of communication is pretty flat regardless of whether its person to person in a chat room or posting. The biggest problem seems to be that "we" try to inject as much about our personalities as possible into this method...erm typically in a chat room situation rather than in this forum. In doing so, I suspect that, "we" portray our true feelings as easily as others present fictional aspects about themselves. It isn't always easy to spot flaws in what people say about themselves and the written word is just as deciteful. Consequently it is easy to attach yourself to the ideals of a dream character who in reality is often quite the reverse, unless of course its their own dream of how they wish to be percieved. In my estimation someone who cannot understand why people get upset over comments made during an on line chat session IS someone for whom words have little or no meaning. In other words a FAKER/BILLY LIAR character....hey I'm not shouting so calm down Personally I used to host a chat room on the American chatnet server and was an op in several other chat rooms there as well...so I've the experience to go with my view. Tim Tim
  4. Try putting the oil on top of the pillow, roughly a few drops towards the end rather than directly where they usually lay. Tim
  5. Rhyn_Essence


    For me personally most of the anti depressants that I've been placed on in the last 3yrs have been a total waste of time. Because they either had no effect on me at all or turned me into a zombified being with some nasty side affects that I was very conscious of...feeling sick...terrible indigestion problems. The one that I'm currently on does very little in terms of controlling depression basically because my depression is hormonal but its excellent at counter acting against my OCD which is Venlafaxine (EFEXOR XL) 75mg. The original dose was 150mg but again at that level it played havoc with my indigestion problems. Apparently this drug is supposed to make its "victims" buzz with anticipation, which is one side effect I'm certainly glad I haven't experienced from it. Tim
  6. Hi Jan, Lavender is a big mood saver in this house aside from its usual aid for sleep problems also Lemongrass I find very relaxing. Plus we tend to drift into a restful sleep with an unscented foot massage. We've started looking into herbalism quite deeply with a view to a possible business venture provided we can successfully get a grant otherwise its likely to be a very slow process. Tim
  7. Excuse my lack of attention ifya can, Aromatherapy does work as well Tim
  8. Excuse my lack of attention ifya can, Aromatherapy does work as well Tim
  9. I've had an Indian head massage and was warned by the therapist before treatment that the ailments I suffer from would manifest themselves. Well talk about being on a high <'> during the treatment I let myself go to such an extent that I actually fell asleep. Anyway for the following two days all of my angst just disappeared and I felt totally refreshed but sadly it resurfaced with a vengence! Yes I'd definately go again inspite of the negative experience but for now restricted finances prevent me having a course of treatments. Tim
  10. Yes well K.Syn was featured on CH4 and I watched it hoping that it would explore the "emotional difficulties" as the prog advert intoned. Maybe I was distracted by a sudden gust of wind unless of course both of us mentally switched off because as I recall it centered on something completely different To be honest I don't actually identify myself as a potiential transsexual and have no desire to dress up. though I have been known to do it for a laugh erm Tim
  11. My 3rd wife of almost 2yrs (June 2002) who is a secondary school teacher was intrigued when we met. For I displayed characteristics relating to two seperate gentic anomalies that she'd previously encountered. The first being Kleinfelter's Syndrome which affects its sufferers across a broad spectrum but has common ground in that all of its male "victims" are infertile. In my case I have lower Testosterone which affected me by making me extremely angry. Now after just over 2yrs of injections I'm more stable but its likely to be another 4yrs before my re-awakened puberty stage is complete. The second anomaly being ASD for which I'm currently awaiting a referal...ok it took me this long to get my head around to the concept. Initially I was mortified by the suggestion of Autism basically because of my own ignorance of the subject. Without turning this into a precise of "War and Peace" ASD actually goes hand in glove with how I'm affected to a certain extent whereas the majority of K.Syn sufferers quite frankly don't have a clue what I'm talking/writing about except for their social shyness and low testosterone.
  12. With regard to the DLA by far the best option IF there is a problem with rejected claims and maybe lack of written medical evidence to support the issues. Then obtain an appointment with the C.A.B who will fill in the form and liase with you over the following weeks pending judgement. Initially we made a claim which was rejected even on appeal due to lack of written medical evidence in my GP's notes (now the subject of a forthcoming court case). Then we made a fresh claim which was succesful and yes the forms are generally inspected by folk with no greater medical knowledge than the average person. Rhyn_Essence
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