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  1. Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direct to get idea for support, also for pointing out that teachers are supposed to explain what exam questions me and the examples you gave, that will be very useful for me to bring up at my meeting at school. To be honest I think "they" the school are so new to all this, they are not really sure themselves how to go about things particulary regarding examinations and young people with aspergers.. Clare.
  2. Thanks Suze, he does get extra time for his exams but does not need a "reader" or "scribe" , would be helpful if they were able to translation the question to such they he would understand what they mean/looking for same for scribe if they could change his words to be elaborate enough for his answers. Clare.
  3. Thank you once again, I am waiting confirmation of an appointment with the Head of Education to take things forward. Connor is adament that he is able and committed in completing the work required for the A level's in question. I need now to discuss with the school what can be achieved in the two years he has left there. I will keep you posted and will no doubt have plently of things in this respect I would like to run by you. Kind regards Clare.
  4. Thank you very much for your view point and sharing your expereince. Given me much food for thought, I hope you don't mind, but may have further questions and will return at a later point. Clare.
  5. Thank you once again, I am printing off your replies so that I can read them a few times and digest. Sadly my son left mainstream at end of Year 7 after a nervous breakdown, the same year he was diagnosed with aspergers. He was then taught at home by tutors supplies by the Children Out of School Team, I then fought long and hard to get him into a specialist school as I thought this was the best and right thing for him, it's not really worked out at all, if I am totally honest, he finds them disorganised and feels they don't understand him. He has no behavioural problems, which many of the other young people do, who take up lots of time, my son is the quiet anxious type and tends to get forgotten on a regular basis, the school have admitted this ! We did look at mainstream colleges, many children at the school study also at mainstream colleges and other 6th forms, but Connor said he could not cope with the environment, we tried but it did not work out. I personally feel with the huge fees this school gets, some of the money should be invested in proper training for the staff for exams including GCSE, AS and A level. At the moment its seems to be the blind leading the blind, so to speak, I am trying to explore and research teaching techniques and revision plans for A level students to see if they can be adapted in some way. I fail to see how they can offer and expect people to pay for exams if they are unable to adapt and find stratigies for people with aspergers. I am so confused, so much to think about, just feel we are running out of time. My son has funding at his school until he is 19 so we have two school years left.
  6. Thank you for your response and its contents which I found very useful, sobering and interesting. Firstly, I am afraid, I have not yet reached that point where I am able to "accept the system" and that "life is life" far too many people have let my son down, by what "I see" as giving up on him because he does not fit the system or that he does not or is unable to live his life as others see it show be. I can not "give up" or just plain "accept" things, I will neither push him into a direction where he is likely to fail, I lost all my expectations and dreams long ago, after diagnosis. I now focus on supporting him in achieveing his goals and aspirations for the future, his "goals and aspirations" The school/6th form he attends is a private specialist school for young people with aspergers, this is only the second year they have offered A Levels. Much of the problems I have gleaned result from key staff leaving quickly after the start of the acacdemic year and no replacments found until either much later in the school year or not at all. Basically what I would really like to know is, whether or not there are Educational Guide Lines/Training/Support for teaching A Level's to people with aspergers ? My son wants to do these A Levels and believes he can, but how do I manage his expectations when he says he knows he can do them and get good results, when everyone else has little or no faith in him to achieve his potential ? Sorry but I am still feeling a little raw and unsure what to do, would like to give your response full justice for the time you have given me. But I am struggling at the moment to feel positive and find a way forward, lots of thinking and discussing to be done at home I guess. Many thanks again. Clare
  7. Hello there, I hope its Ok to return to the forum which in the past gave me enormous support and help with my AS son. In the past I had helped with diagnosis, statements, DLA, Carers Allowance and education, made many good friends and shares stories of both joy and sadness. I feel a little akward and embarrassed returning after whats been a couple of years, but would very much appreciate some pointers, information and advice about AS & A Levels. Firstly perhaps I should ask where I should post thread under which topic heading ? Education ? or maybe Beyond Adolesence ? Brief summary of my query ~ Aspegers son aged 17 in second year of 6th form at specialist school, supposed to be taking Chemistry, Physics and Maths. AS exams earlier this year resulted in poor results best of which being a "D" grade. The school are now saying whilst he knows the facts he is struggling with the questioning style in AS/A Level papers as they can be quite abstract and require elaborate answers. They are concerned they are setting him up to fail due to the amount of work involved and the fact he does not understand the questions. My query is :- (a) surely as specialist school they should been able to find ways to help him understand/answer the questions better ? b if not then surely they should be raising this with the examination board, governement who ever ? to request that such exams are made accessible to people on the spectrum ? Hopefully someone will have had expereince of this and can help or point me in the right direction. Thank you in anticipation. Clare.
  8. Awwww Karen sorry to hear you been poorly End of era...remember that era well....have a good drink Hunny and mines a red wine <'> <'> <'> Clare x x x
  9. Done and checked email all OK. Well done Clare x x x
  10. Ooooooo Tally how exciting, hope you get chance to take lots of pics for us all Oh my God a stolen penguin....what happened ??? how did he sneak it out , thats hilarious Clare x x x
  11. Sounds just gorgegous......now don't you go up staging The Queen now will you Clare x x x
  12. Hi Far, Good to see you on here, but sorry to hear you have not made much progress. Trouble with these people is that they seem to need constant chasing, It was not until I got our MP involved did our area finally sit up and take notice. Your son has a legal right to an education and they need to provide it and one that is able to meet his needs. As kathryn says, I think I would give them a ring to see how things are going and hopefully that will prompt them into some sort action. I am quite sure your son won't be starting school in September, well if they are anything like our LEA, Connor did his assessment in the July and we thought he'd start in September but they did get themselves in gear until the November !!! Good luck Hun, you know where to find me if you need anything. Clare x x x
  13. Very simular situation to Bid, my son now attends Special School following a break down at beginning of year 8. He coped very with mainstream but secondary education seemed to be the straw which brike the camel's back, and the differences became so much more apparent. To be honest its totally down to the child, the environment and the support and understanding a school is prepared to give. If I knew what I knew now I would have pushed for the Specialist School at the end of primary. The school my son attends is fantastic and we are extremly pleased with his progress, from a child who just over a year ago would not even leave the house to a child that is happy, keen to explore new things and for once in his life finally happy to go to school. Good luck with your decision, just explore your options. Clare x x x
  14. Thank you everyone for your welcome and kind wishes. Oh my goodness have I got some catching up to do....now where are my reading glasses lol Clare x x x
  15. Clare63

    Hello again

    Hi Nicky, Sounds as if you been having a tough time, hope things are finally on the turn and you'll get some good luck. Never give up with the LEA its the only way. Take care of yourself, sometimes us Mum's get forgotten. Clare x x x
  16. Its been ages since I have put a post on the forum, though occassionally I pop in to see how everyone is doing. Feel a bit guilty because I relied heavily on this forum when times were tough and found enormous support and advice through dx, DLA, leaving mainstream, home ed'ing, statements and battles for special provision. But will try and visit more often and see if I can offer back support and advice to others. Connor is doing brilliantly at his new school (well started last November) and I can't not express enough how worth it, it was to fight so hard for this provision. I felt I had lost my child for 2 years and now have him back and have a future to look forward too. He is turning into a lovley young man and I can't believe he will be starting Year 10 in September. The school is opening a 6th form in September too which we are hoping and planning for Connor to stay on for after Year 11. We have had our up's and downs, and just when we thought things were starting to be rosy, my poor Mum has been diagnosed with lung cancer, we are all absolutley devastated. Connor has been my rock and has vowed that he "will" find a cure for cancer, a bit ironic really as when our GP signed him off mainstream school with a breakdown, the GP told me that we should take care of our ASD kids as they will be the ones who could possibly find a cure for cancer and other such diseases. Just wanted to say Hi really and that hopefully I will be around more often. I have missed you guys Clare x x x
  17. Awwww Stella that's so cool, sound like you both had a great time Not been around for ages and have just popped by, was so pleased to read your thread. We must have that coffee sometime Clare x x x
  18. Bluefish ~ lots of hugs <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> Yes I know this is very normal, well it happened to me, once all the fighting for statements, DLA, school placement was over I felt very low and very scared for the future. Like you say maybe its because of all the fighting we did not have chance to actually grieve for the dx. These feelings and emotions do pass as you move on to the next stages or even start enjoying the results of all that fighting. Give yourself time and some TLC. Clare x x x
  19. Clare63


    Have a lovely time Pearl....don't forget 3 coins in the fountain so you'll be sure to return !!!! (I did 29 years ago and still not been back ) Clare x x x
  20. Clare63

    im fed up!!!!!

    Good luck Donna !!! so have the "powers that be" actually met and assessed Reece...how do they know he does not need one anymore, I would have thought that you probably need one more than ever now that he is older and bigger !!!! If ya need any help with a letter you know where to find me Clare x x x
  21. Clare63

    Hi All

    Hiya Holly, A very warm welcome to the forum, certainly sounds like you have your hands full. I hope you find the forum as wonder and as help as I have done. Clare
  22. Hiya everyone.....thank you for your kind birthday wishes, yes I did have a good one Sorry not been around much, but things jollying along nicely, that does sound rather selfish and I really should pop in more often to give support and generally say Hello to all you lovely people who have supported over the past few years. Connor is doing brilliantly at his new school, standing tall (3" taller than me now !) making friends and even doing PE ......wow never thought I would see the day. Anyone fighting the system....statements, specialist education or what ever you feel your child needs just go for it, its what our kids deserve and with the right support and environment things can be turned around. Promise to come back very soon. Clare x x x x x x x
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