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  1. Hello all, haven't been on for a while but you may remember me ranting about something from time to time!! Well, since I last posted I have had a beautiful baby boy called Luca who is now 4 months old! A couple of weeks ago we received Dan's diagnosis of ....Asperger syndrome. Im really happy that after 4 years of knowing this it has finally been proven. Dan is ok at the mo but any changes however small are causing major meltdowns. and his literal thinking is becoming more pronounced. I know it sounds stupid but i FEEL he is getting worse as he gets older???? He goes into the juniors at his school in sept and he is really anxious about it. I am too. Dan's handwriting is terrible due to fine/gross motor skills and he is well behind the other kids and he doesn't get any real specialist help, it also takes him longer to process info so that will be difficult for him too. His teacher said that academically he doesn't need a special school, but social and communication skills are poor. Im not sure even with a statement that the right place for Dan is mainstream school ( haven't even applied for a statement yet- but if he doesn't get one he will be majorly behind!!) I don't know whats best for him educationally, has anyone got any advice or experience with similar problems??? I'd be very very grateful!!! love caroline xx
  2. Hi, my 6 year old son is currently being assessed for Aspergers which in his paeds opinion is definate that thats the diagnosis. Anyway, we have had various problems during the last 3 yrs but Dan has tried really hard and has received more support from school which has helped him alot. The problem is, since he broke up the school has merged with the junior school and a lot of change has come about. All this change has of course had an effect on Dan in a negative way. Daniel explained to one of his teachers (who has taught him on and off for 2 years) that he wasn't happy with the changes and he didn't like the new group he was put into. She said to him "well you know what my answer to that is- tough". I want to kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it was totally inopropriate to talk to Dan like this and now he says she has been horrible to him. I really want to complain. Dan's anger and agression has been worse over the holiday and when he has a meltdown he is uncontrollable so I knew I would have problems, but today Dan was aggrressive and violent in the playground and we were told that if his behaviour doesn't improve then we have to go and speak to the head master!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally peed off!!! Dan had a meltdown because other kids were violent towards him-but thats ok isn't it?? Where are his support groups gone, why is he being kept back at lunch to do his hand-writing? His fine motor skills are poor so he hates writing because he knows he is not good at it- wheres his support??? I just don't know where to start- I really want to write a letter to complain and express my concerns for Dan's future at the school, is there anything I can demand such as support in the playground, with writng etc, should I push for a statement?? Right now I could do with a huge but I CAN'T because im almost 6 months pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone could help me on what I should write, i'd be so so grateful. thanks caroline
  3. Hi all, just a quick question- can I get a reduction on my council tax for getting carers allowence for my son?? He gets higher rate care and low mobility. It's really confusing? love caroline x
  4. Hi all, over the last 3 weeks when things get too much for Dan e.g change, frustration, meltdowns he has said several times that he wants to kill himself. This is obviously heartbreaking for me as I fear that at times he may try to hurt himself. I don't know who to turn to or who i should contact for help with this issue. Dan is capable of anything during meltdowns and he has been known to try and stab us and throw sharp andf heavy objects etc. He also hits/punches himself. I just don't know what to do or what the paed can do about this situation I'd be very grateful for any advice. love caroline
  5. Yes, I can totally relate to that, if I ask Dan to do something for example-go upstairs and fetch his clothes he will come down empty handed, and when I ask him a question-it takes him ages to respond. caroline
  6. Iv'e just had a report back for my son aged 6 who amongst other things has got processing, memory and perceptual difficulties. Is this all part of ASD? I understand the other things such as fine/gross motor problems, literal thinking, expressive language difficulties etc but can anyone shed any light on the above because Im not quite sure what they mean! many thanks caroline x
  7. They want all my payslips dating back 6 months even though that job has got nothing to do with my claim!!?? caroline
  8. When I first put in a claim for carers allowence I thought, great- my son is entitled to higher rate DLA and I earn below the the amount they specify that I can-easy. Three weeks down the line, they want all of my payslips from my previous employer! I didn't have them all and now they have written to her so lord knows how long it will take for that information to get to them. The thing is-why do they need my previous payslips??? I m not claiming for that period while I was working in that job so I don't understand????? I'm worrying now that I won't get it. As far as Im concerned, I am claiming from 12 feb 07 which is when my son was awarded DLA and during this time I have not earned more than I am meant to (infact well below) so why do they want to know what I was doing 6 months previously?? Has anyone else had this problem??? Or have any words of advice as I am getting really worried now! caroline
  9. My son has just been awarded high rate care and low rate mobility after re-consideration!!!! Im over the moon caroline
  10. Dan aged 6 walked at 11 1/2 months and talked fluently before the age of 2. His speech was amazing for his young age as was his memory
  11. I forgot to mention OCD aswell........
  12. Hello, Iv'e just come back from the paed with my 6 year old and she seems pretty certain that Dan has as, adhd and co-ordination problems. Is it possible that he can be dx with all of these or are they all part of as?? caroline
  13. Can you remember everything that you wrote about your child?? Because I heard that sometimes they do this and 'pretend' they have lost a form to try and catch people out. Im sure this is not the case with you but it's worth baring in mind. Goodluck!! caroline
  14. After a trip to the chemist last week Daniel was stood with me waiting to be served when he shouted at the top of his voice "mum look at that old lady behind us her face is all dried up!!!" I did find it amusing but at the same time I wanted the ground to swallow me up! The lady he was refering to was only in her 50's but had a well weathered face (little bit wrinkly). He also saw a baby of about 8 months with very fair skin and asked his mother why he had so many veins in his head! Yes the veins were prominant but needless to say the mother was not impressed. We have now had a discussion about hurting peoples feelings but now when I say "dan how do I look?" he replies "mummy I don't want to hurt your feelings..............." caroline
  15. Im not sure if they contact the school again di?? Hope not, they sound pretty useless lol! Rang the man again yesterday and he said it will be another week before Dans case gets looked at again
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