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  1. I'm curious about doing this for my son. I get some evidence of him relapsing into out of control behavior and some evidence of him being able to handle it (he's also on digestive enzymes). anyone know about this?
  2. my son has been cooperating beautifully with Tenex and is out of control without it (well, we're using the generic which is guanfacine).
  3. what kind do you get for your child? I've been going to Kirkmanlabs.com but the prices are unreal and was hoping to find something that works that's a little less pricey. any suggestions? Thank ya!
  4. Some easier grocery store foods and stuff: 1. corn, safflower, olive oils (corn meal, good to use for homemade nuggets) 2. Fischers bologna, we use thick sliced (fried especially tasty) 3. Ballpark hotdogs 4. Ore Ida shoestring fries, tator tots (and most others) 5. Vance's Dairy Free milk (misses A LOT of addtives, make in a blender) online or at some local health food stores 6. all fruits and veggies (pretty much, the basics) 7. eggs, scrambled/fried is good, although some kids can't have eggs 8. Aunt Jemima plain pancake syrup 9. Jiff and Skippy peanut butter, plain, or Smucker's natural 10. smuckers spreadables (I use strawberry and grape) 11. for bread for these things, I use the gluten/casein free types (rice) sold at health food stores, warm them in toaster untouched by regular bread!! 12. Lay's plain regular chips (yellow bag), Ruffles plain (blue bag) 13. Nerd's candy 14. Starbursts (plain, yellow package) 15. Minute Maid juice boxes (calcium enriched) 16. Quinoa spaghetti (gluten free) at health food stores 17. Muir Glen sauce (we use portabella mushroom) 18. Armor Vienna Sausages 19. Frito's corn chips 20. regular Skittles 21. Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles (with Fred and Barney) 22. white rice
  5. Hey there everyone, few days ago I said that I would be glad to help with this diet, so I'll go ahead and get started here, right now, I only have a few minutes, but will provide a few basic info's for ya...I'll keep posting and answer questions you have (I want to help, it seems hard and overwhelming, but you'll make it!) here are some must do's: (1) kids need calcium, which predominately comes from dairy I crush calcium pills and put in my boy's pancakes there are supplements that you can give as well, plus liquid calcium that doesn't taste bad (2) kids need supplements, I get mine online and also at GFC (will have to remind you of the name, don't have on me at this very moment) (3) I give my son flax oil, this is needed for brain functioning, I put liquid form in his pancakes, muffins, stuff like that check out this website http://www.gfcfdiet.com/ it has a list of things that are and are not sutible for the child, even has an additives list...here in a bit (when I've got more time, gotta fix lunch right now) I'll give a small list of some things we eat, plus I'll tell you how we got through our 'struggles to eat' when beginning... any questions please ask, I'll be back later...I hope this is a good beginning, I find it better to give bits of info in small increments, it sinks in better.
  6. oh yeah, my son did have a very difficult time and didn't want any other foods besides the bread, chicken nuggets, fries, and especially mac and cheese (double whammy), I became sooo afraid because of this and wanted desparately not to make him cry, it's so heart breaking to watch your son cry for something that he loves and not able to understand why he can't have it..so I tried to counterattack it any way that I could-trying to make stuff for him-play games-anything to distract his mind from what he wanted...this went on for days-weeks, but I had to be strong for him because my hope was soooo great, plus I had to prepare myself for failure as well, so that was hard...but anyway... I bought a book online that had a list of foods, drinks, candy...that had no gluten or casein in them already...which helped tremendously to shop, and these are the things that my son eats regularly...that is, after passing that sad slump, I promise you that he fought and cried with me over his foods, and I worried sooooo much, but think about it like this, if you are starving-you'll eat anything won't you? My son had no choice but to eat SOMETHING, and that happened to be only whatever I provided for him, that may sound a bit aversive, but then again, isn't a spanking...I'd be glad to start a thread with a list of foods that we use... as for Bid's reply, I didn't mean to offend, I get carried away with others in my boy's life being lazy, I certainly do not want to assume everyone else is and didn't mean to come across that way
  7. I'm a bit amazed about how there is knowledge, research, and tons of benefits and results with the gfcf diet-and how people are not acting on it immediately! I wish I would have done it before I actually did. My son was addicted to these gluten laden foods also, which is proof that these things are harmful to them, it's considered a sign, but anyway, I was terrified that my boy wouldn't eat anything because he was finicky, plus, he didn't like that much anyway, so I was worried that he would lose weight, be hurt, or whatever. The diet was difficult to learn about and difficult to administer and I was very stressed about it, for days to weeks it seemed. But now, we are doing wonderfuly. My boy did struggle for several days, didn't eat much and cried over his favorite foods. It hurt me to watch this, but I knew that it was best, that we were working on something majorly better, and that's what got me through it. Now, we are doing wonderfuly, people were right, he does eat many other things now and his diet has become sooo much more healthy...so my advice to those that are unwilling or not ready to implement the diet to their kids (how can I say this without sounding horrible?) shame on you-there's not reason you should not even experiment with it, yeah, it's scary at first, but just how much are willing to do for your child, how far are you willing to go to try to do everything you can to make him better-do it now, because I've seen a huge and wonderful change in my son, I actually see a little boy now whenever I look into his eyes. I had my doubts about it too, but sooo amazingly glad that I had the courage to go through with it (I"m a single mother, so it's just us) Don't be lazy, it's the very best and most important thing you can do for everyone in your household!!
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