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  1. Hi JeanneA sorry you son is not feeling good. If it was me I would go with my 'Mum' feelings . If he needs a bit more time another few days or week off school isn't going to hurt
  2. whoops see what its doing to me I'm repeating myself now
  3. Hi Mandapanda thanks for replying again I did ask him how he did so well the other night and was there anything that made a difference but he just said he didnt know and the panic just didnt happen . as for talking to doctors and cahms we have done on several occasions but he is ok while he is talking to them but as soon as we are out of there he says he doesnt trust them and they dont know how he feels, it is such a shame there is no getting through to him. anyway thankyou again for replying much appreciated. biker69
  4. Hi Mandapanda thanks for replying again I did ask him how he did so well the other night and was there anything that made a difference but he just said he didnt know and the panic just didnt happen . as for talking to doctors and cahms we have done on several occasions but he is ok while he is talking to them but as soon as we are out of there he says he doesnt trust them and they dont know how he feels, it is such a shame there is no getting through to him. anyway thankyou again for replying much appreciated. biker69
  5. Hi Mandapanda the things we do eh, to make them happy bet he was pleased with your efforts. bit of a coincidence about the lady in the chemists son having AS. biker69
  6. Hi Mandapanda thanks for the suggestions the trouble is he is very reluctant to try anything which is quite frustrating, I have explained to him about panic attacks and tried to get him to practice breathing techniques but he just says that nothing will work . on a good note last night we had a whole night of no panics and sleep from 1.30 am till morning . biker69
  7. Hi Mandapanda really pleased for you . wish we could get things sorted here we are still awake all night long along with awful panic attacks
  8. Hi jlogan1 since we took our son out of school we have had no help whatsoever but it is still a better situation than him being at school and not getting any help there, all we ever got then was a very sad boy and useless teachers and 'professionals' promising all sorts and giving nothing . Has your daughter got a SEN and what diagnosis are you expecting because what we found out later was if there is an SEN in place and they are on the Autistic spectrum it is possible to access Autism outreach even if you Home educate, and as far as I know you could get a tutor sent to your home, it is worth trying to find more out about this. Please don't hold me to this it is only what I have been told and it seems like everything else you have to make a lot of noise to get it. As for getting them to do any work we find this very difficult and like your daughter our son is more happy to work at strange times of the night which is ok if you are able to do that. We don't work on a school style of learning we work mainly on life skills and stuff that he is interested in We do get visits off the LEA man but you don't have to, I don't mind this and he is a nice bloke and gives us advice which we can take or leave. Anyway good luck
  9. Hi Mandapanda hows your son getting on now, is he happier now he knows that you are taking him out of school completly? We took our boy out three years ago and we are all happy that we decided to and have had no regrets, it hasn't solved everything he is still having major panic attacks nightly he still has a lot of emotional damage caused by he's experiences at school so what he would have been like if we hadn't took him I hate to think. anyway good luck with your decision biker69
  10. oh dear Mandapanda thats a shame it doesn't take much to disrupt the sleep pattern again does it. My son is still not sleeping and he had a sore throat the other night so of course that meant even later to get to sleep. you never know your boy might get back into the good routine when he is feeling better biker69
  11. Hi Mandapanda that is some reading, good luck with the next book. our son sleeps in till about 11 ish as well but it doesn't make any difference if he gets up early he still doesn't sleep, we had a night last night of no sleep till 6.30 am so hoping tonight he might be a bit more tired. whatever you and your son have done to work it out we could do with the same here, oh well here goes another sleepless night biker69
  12. Hi Mandapanda sorry I didn't reply before. We went to a place in Ravenshead Nottinghamshire called Elizabeth Newson centre. Hows your son sleeping now, still good? biker69
  13. Hi jlogan1 I only just read your post. sounds like we are all going through the same sort of thing not very good for any of us but it's nice to not feel like you are not the only people awake at some ridiculous hour and feeling a bit of a failure there are so many experts who have such simple solutions if only they were there at the time when we are all going through these problems . we have seen so many experts and they never seem to understand what is going on you would think that considering they have spent years training to do their job they would actually have an understanding of our childrens problems and not just scratch there heads and look at us parents gone out and make us feel it's our fault we spent 6 years listening to the schools and ed phsycologists opinions on what would be best for our son until we all had had enough and took him out of school at least that took one big pressure off him. so ypu should definately listen to yourself on what is best for your daughter. does she feel tired at night and is just reluctant to sleep or has she got sleep issues, as I said in reply to Mandapanda I think our son has a sleep phobia because he can be absolutley shattered but still won't sleep until at least 3.00 am and thats a good night. why doesn't she like to go out daytime, the reason I ask is because our son hates to go out especialy where we live he is not so bad if we are at his grandparents. we have have also been today to a private diagnosis centre to try and get him a definate diagnosis because the NHS seem so reluctant to put down on paper what the issues are. anyway hope things work out for you both
  14. Hi Mandapanda well done you two! is he still doing well? I have got to say you could be describing my son. he has always had sleep problems but instead of getting better his sleep pattern is getting worse, we don't sleep til about 3.00 am earliest he has anxiety problems which result in nightly panic attacks and i do think it is sleep worries/tiredness that is causing some of these panics but what to do is a different matter. we also took him out of school three years ago which as you say takes the pressure off of them and a decision we don't regret because although he still suffers awful with anxiety he doesn't have to put up with daily pressure from schooling, anyway with the time he sleeps now we wouldn't make it to school in time . anyway just wanted to say well done to you both hope it keeps going well
  15. Hi Mumble My son does this everynight watching the same episodes of Spongebob Squarepants biker69
  16. Hi Mumble its not hard to confuse me I confuse myself sometimes! it's good that you are able to get on with the therapist and that you are finding CBT useful biker69
  17. Hi Kathryn thanks for that looks really interesting, lot of information. It does sound a bit like cranialsacral. We went to see a lady a year or so ago and she practised all sorts of stuff like that and while she was treating my son she made him so relaxed that he fell asleep, now that is quite a miracle as sleep and him do not mix, we could do with having her here biker69
  18. Hi Mumble I got to say I really don't want to go down the medication route, I know it works well for some people but it scares me a bit and my Son like I say won't even take a headache tablet. This is one of the things that annoy me with Cahm's, they will not give alternative therapies a chance. What do you mean by using it to get you through the door, what other support did it get you? hope you don't mind me asking biker69
  19. Hi TheNeil yeah what you have wrote sounds right and from what I have read it sounds like it is a very relaxing therapy without pressure touch, so there is no worry about any discomfort and our Son is ok with touch as long as its not his feet, definite no go there . Anyway I think we will give it try. Thanks for the reply biker69
  20. Hi Mumble thanks for the reply, I know what you mean about managing the anxieties we have tried different things but nothing seems to help. We have seen lots of so called experts over the years, and at the moment we are still attending appointments with Cahms but to be quite honest they are not much help and only seem to be interested in putting him on medication, but we are talking about a boy that won't even take a headache tablet let alone anything stronger. Speaking to the person about the Bowen technique it did make sense what he said and it seems to have good reports for reducing anxiety. Cahms did try cognitive behaviour therapy before but it wasn't making any difference at all and aside from medication I think they are at a loss themselves, so I guess we will try this idea next week, fingers crossed it may help
  21. Hi I was wondering if anyone on here has tried this therapy for their children? Our 13 year old son who has aspergers and massive anxiety problems is on a daily basis hyperventilating and being generally tense all this is causing him to have a lot of pain round his shoulder,back,neck and ribs, along with having a sleep phobia so not getting quality sleep either. So I phoned a local therapy place and they have suggested trying the Bowen technique, and we have an appointment next week only thing is I am now wondering if we are just going to be handing money over and getting nothing back from it and our poor son still going through all this pain and stress, that sounds a bit cynical doesn't it . Any thoughts much appreciated biker69
  22. Hi Lisa40 no help from me I'm afraid as we are going through exactly the same thing as you in fact you could be describing our 13 year old Son. He never sleeps till at least 3.00 am and now 5.30 - 6.00 am is becoming the norm and like your Daughter he would sleep all afternoon given the chance. He also suffers from panic attacks, has Aspergers and I think OCD. It is really impossible to know what to do isn't it? By the way we are also in Derbyshire, you don't think there is something in the Derbyshire air do you? Biker69
  23. Hi Jonathan hope you don't mind me asking but how is your son getting on now, is he still feeling calmer? We are thinking of trying this out with our son and was wondering if you are still pleased with how things are going? Biker69
  24. ahh so you know the sound of the dawn chorus too!! we shall have to start a twilight forum on here for us bats Biker69
  25. Hello everyone thanks to all the replies and advice, much appreciated. Sorry sooze looks like i nicked your post Well there's still not much sleep going on here, we have even tried making our own lavender and hops pillows after watching BBC's 'Grow your own drugs' program, that hasn't worked but it did give us something to do! A few people have mentioned melatonin which we did try for a little while before but has I said my son has a fear of taking medication and doesn't like taking anything, and some might say this is silly but with him being scared of taking anything I would feel like I was betraying his trust to put it in his food or drink without him knowing, thats just me . We would be quite happy for him to stay awake watching dvds or playing on his playstation until he was tired but I'm afraid he won't even stay in his room alone when we are awake so definate no go if we were asleep. So I guess we will keep going until a miracle occurs and he decides that it would be good to stop living like bats !! Thanks again for replies Biker69
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