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  1. Hi All, Has anyone done an OU course? I am interested to doing one in working with yp with SN, as I am currently working in an outdoor centre as an intructor but have no qualification of working with yp with SN. I have found:- http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/course/e243.htm which is an undergraduate course. But really have no idea of OU at all does anyone understand whether I can do this with no related qualifactions? Do I need to be working with yp with SN to complete the course? And what kind of support is there for adult with AS and dyslexia? Thanks
  2. Um....well it went kinda okish! Went in saw receptionist and she was very helpful, then I saw on guy who checked for colour blindness and asked me to put on these 3d glasses (one red one green lens and look at a book, I couldnt see anything!) then there was the accusal eye test! She spoke to me like I was 5, didn't explain anything she was going to do, told my friend not to talk when my friend tried to explain not touching and the rest, claimed she has many yrs of working with SN but failed me badly to the extent, she started of with a slit lamp test, which was a complete sensory overload which aborted the whole appointment instead going to Boots on Friday with the same friend and she has already spoken to the lady who's assessing me!
  3. Please I really need some advice, I am sooo nervous and the appointment is on Friday! My concerns are that I am not going to be able to communicate the issues I am experiencing in the optitcions and what if I pass the test but I know I cant see!!! (Is that possible!) I am soooooo unsure about this that part of me is remembering why it has been 4 yrs since going to them! Any ideas!?
  4. Hi, I haven't been on here is soo long and as a result was reluctant to post! I need to advice- I am living away from home, living where I work and have a few very close friends. I am waiting to book an eye test as its been 4 years and my vision is getting worse! However I know the reson its been 4 years, eye tests and me dont really go hand in hand! One of my closest friends very understanding has already spoke to the optiiton and said that I have aspergers syndrome and they said no problem. My friend is going to come with me, but what I do or suggest that will make the visit as pain free for myslef as well as my friend and option any ideas please!!! Thanks!
  5. Tesco's near me have already got all their Christmas treats and advent calenders and Card Factory have also got a load of cards out!! Its ridiculous!!!!
  6. Thanks for the replys! It was one of my collugues and its my boss who's dealing with it, thankfully its become apperent that this individal has been slagging me off and acsahally calling me a retard in ear shot of others. So, my boss is coming down on it all, and seeing as he is already on a verbal warning, he might just get a written!
  7. I need some help, I am being subjected to bullying by a collegue at work, this has been noted by others including my boss and is being delt with. One thing that he has said has made me think- 'youve got so many disabilities you dont have a personailty' It made me think that weather this statment is true!? Does a disability make a personaility and vice verser?
  8. I dont understand University marking schemes but I guess its a good thing as I know you have worked hard! Well Done!
  9. hehe just had that same thing happen! Thanks Mumble I was just trying to word what had happened!
  10. Thank you soo much everyone between all the information me and a friend have condensed it down to half A4 highlighting all major points. Including keeping out of hitting distence as much as possible! Thank you soo much and Mumble that was a great help!
  11. Hi All, Sorry I havent been around much! I need some help and some brains. Last week I was taken into hopsital after having a cold and cough as I couldnt breath very well, long story made short turns out to be asthma which has since resulted in a few more amblence trips and hospital visits. I need some help as everytime I get bad, I am that breathless I cant speak. Therefore relly on others around to explain everything, which doesnt always happen, until a paramedic get pushed/hit when they try to attach me to machienes ect. The not being able to breath along with the panic etc causes a complete overload. After the incident tonight where I ended up pushing a paramedic to the entent he called another unit to help, and now speaking to others, my friends know I have aspergers but cant always expalin it well. We think that writing a word doc that stays with all the medication (the hospital bag) that can get passed to docs/paramedics before they try and treat me would be an idea. I need to get across the fact I don't mean to not be co-operative nor rude, or even aggressive, I just can't cope. How am I best to do this? Also, any recommendations for the doctors on the best way of approching treating me other then at least a metre away?? Thanks in advance,
  12. Now is the right time for me to sign off! On Saturday I am turning 18 as well as moving to Shropshire to work as an Outdoor Activity Instuctor. I will be living on site but living without family! Yes I am a very scared! I havent posted alot recently but I have still been hanging around. Thanks for all your support! Mumble_rocks x
  13. I am a great one for doing that! My mouth works way before my brain! When we were in Wales we went to the Electric Mountain, we were on a tour and we were prewarned it would be noisy ect so I knew what to expect and my TA was sitting next to me we had filled a whole bus with other students whom I know or rather they know me! This tour guide started speaking and I blurted out without going via brain, 'this welsh woman is really not doing a good job of speaking english we really need subtitles!' It was not until the whole bus laughed as I had said what everyone was thinking. What made it worse is that the TA told me that I shouldnt have said it but I couldnt see why not!
  14. Hev's News! I think this will answer the questions! She has posted another thread!
  15. Woohoo I bet your relief it seems like a great school, at least they have seen what they are up against and they wouldnt have kept him if they felt he wouldnt cope or they couldnt manage!
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