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  1. Mmmmm - a jar of Nutella and a teaspoon to go -- " Hud me back " as we say in Scotland !
  2. Sorry for delay !! Yes I use all 3 enzymes but built up very slowly over quite a few weeks just using one at a time. I found No-Fenol to be very useful in helping her to digest fruits. Hope this helps
  3. Hi, I use enzymes for my daughter from http://www.houstonni.com/ Although she is on the GF / CF diet she has improved tremendously in all areas since beginning the enzymes. Good Luck !
  4. " I can't stand up for falling down " Elvis Costello and the Attractions !!
  5. JenRose, Re the nappies issue. Your daughter may well not have the same sense of pressure in the bladder that other kids have when they need to wee. I know of a little girl who is totally oblivious to the sensation of weeing even when she is doing it - its only when the puddle emerges that she is aware then seems very shocked that it has come from her. I would also run this issue past your CDC as they may not agree with the Nursery approach. I f you do not feel comfortable with it then do not agree with it.
  6. That's really great news - I wish more 'Professionals' had a little more time to spend with our kids as it can make all the difference to the outcome of a visit.
  7. Gut and Psychology Syndrome is by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and is a very interesting book with lots of information on the gut
  8. Kirkmans Labs specifically make high strain probiotics which are fee from casein ,gluten etc - they are avaliable direct from Kirkmans in USA and I think also from Nutricentre in UK ( online ). The capsules can be opened up and mixed with food.
  9. There are various other natual remedies you could try to fight the candida : - try eliminating sugar as much as you can from her diet - sugar feeds the yeast and helps it to thrive and also suppresses the immune system - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -garlic - red onion - MCT oil The National Candida Society have a website which has a lot of information on it.
  10. Yes, I did and felt very sorry for the whole family.
  11. As a Dundonian I feel I have to defend old McGonagle to the hilt for his 'unique' way with words !!
  12. Carol, Sending you lots of these <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  13. I think the Mumps vaccine is harder to come by and therefore more expensive to purchase. My daughter had single measles vaccine with no apparent reaction but I had given her buffered Vit C and Echinicea for a week before and after to boost her immune system.
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