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  1. A big hello to all the new members <'>
  2. Hi Carole, Try a homeopathic pill - Hepar Sulph 30c - it's a good one for earache and sinusitis as it's got an anti-septic effect. Dont eat or drink 20 mins before or after tablet. It can be taken every 2 hours until relief is obtained. Good luck.
  3. I'm having a bit of a sob now - that's such a lovely poem.
  4. Hi Emma, Welcome to the forum - you will see lots of information in the various threads here. I have a 31/2 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. If you were to see a videotape of her at home with me you would probably think she was a 'normal' little girl. She is very bright, extremely articulate and vocal and very much a drama queen !! Take her out of her comfort zone and her extreme anxiety causes her to ignore anyone who tries to talk to her, cry if other children aren't playing exactly by the rules , become very upset if you praise her too highly and basically all the other things that you mentioned. That doesn't mean that your wee one is on the spectrum but I'm trying to explain ( probably very badly ) that autism presents itself in very different ways. My daughter has sensory integration dysfunction which causes her problems due to her heightened sense of smell, taste, hearing etc. We have worked very hard on various play exercises with her over the summer ( read the book The Out of Sync Child ) and she has improved tremendously. This problem in itself can cause avoidance of social situations without autism being present. Best advice is as the others have said - trust your gut reaction and ask your GP to get you a referral to a local Child Development Centre who can help you get to the root of your daughters problems. Good luck with that and if you have any other questions then fire away.
  5. Big hello and <'> for all the new members of the forum.
  6. Hi All, I spoke on another thread about how we had given daughter 3 mg of melantonin then another 3mg when she woke during the night but all that happended was that she stayed up the whole night ! Call Me Jaded sugggested that I try with a smaller dose and I have had better results just using a 1/4 of a 3mg capsule - it puts her into a very relaxed state - usually she fights sleep all the way and she has been sleeping through until about 4.30am which isn't bad for her. good luck !
  7. Hi Matti, Welcome to the forum. This is a topic i'm interested in - my daughter is 3 with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. On my mum's side there is rampant alcoholism through most of the family- mainly my uncle's but one of my aunt's also had a drink problem. My brother is undiagnosed but knowing what I do now he is definitely on the spectrum somewhere - he doesnt have a drink problem but needs a drink to be able to socialise on any level - it obviously reduces the anxiety. I've often wondered if that's why there is such a drink problem in the family. Also, when you did drink but not to extreme did you find social contact much easier ?
  8. Hi Stephanie, My daughter is 3 1/2 and high functioning. I am very open with people about her diagnosis because she has very good verbal skills and her problems therefore aren't that visible - until she starts flapping her arms wildly that is ! I went and told all the family once she was diagnosed because they now understand she's not spoilt and overbearing ( well maybe a little she just has to be communicated with differently ie no loud excited welcomes, big bear hugs etc. I have also encouraged my family to read books on the topic etc and they have all began to relate to her better now as the understanding of why she does odd things becomes clearer. Everyone has their own viewpoint on this but being very open has also reduced my stress levels !!
  9. That has certainly warmed the cockles of my heart !
  10. big mamma


    I think I'll try that in a couple of weeks - meantime I'm giving it a rest and resorting to trying to wear her out on the trampoline !
  11. big mamma


    Jaded, Did reducing the dose help for yours or did you give up on it ?
  12. big mamma


    Eagerly awaited my 3mg melatonin wonder tablets in the ever diminishing hope of actually getting a night's kip. Junior was given her first dose on tues night and it definitely helped her wind down to sleep HOWEVER she was up 8 times during the night with what seemed like vivid dreams. Wed night - again it helped her wind down but she was wide awake at 1am saying she didn't feel sleepy and was it daytime ? Gave her a drink of milk with another 3mg but it had no effect and she didn't sleep until 4.30 am and was up again at 6am. Last night she went to bed at 10pm and was up again at 1am and didn't go back to sleep until 7.30 am this morning. She then slept for 4 hours ! It appears to have unregulated her body clock rather than the other way round. I'm so disappointed I could weep - has anyone else's kid reacted like this ?
  13. Hello Sarah and welcome to the forum <'>
  14. We have to be very matter of fact if giving praise to junior - any kind of excited emotion starts her howling. We're also not allowed to say 'Well Done' to her as for some reason she links that to being told off. When I told her it meant we were pleased with her she asked me to say 'That's Fine' instead !! She now tells her 1-1 worker off for saying well done and insists she says that's fine instead. It's all a bit strange but there you go
  15. Pim, Let us know how you get on - I'm really interested in this.
  16. Just a thought, Huggies are advdertising a free potty training DVD just now- I think you just have to log on to their website - maybe the visual 'picture' of actually using the toilet may help.
  17. pim., Jersey or Jersey and Guernsey milk are both pure herds and contain the same kind of milk protein which is supposed to be easier for autistic people to digest. It is available from Sainsbury's and Tesco and I have tried it with my daughter but she develops a blistery type rash on her bottom and legs after she has drunk it. I don't know why this would be and it's put me off continuing my 'experiment' with the milk. I remember another mum saying that her child's excema seemed to worsen after taking it and wonder if anyone else has had this problem.
  18. Hi Emum, My daughter is 3 1/2 and (almost ) fully toilet trained now but still doesn't know she needs to go until her bladder is very full. If we try and take her to the toilet before we go out she refuses to go because she says she doesn't need to BUT you can bet your bottom dollar that within 5 mins she'll have the biggest pee you've ever seen in your life ! I'm sure it's a sensory thing ie. the body not recognising the need to go until the feeling overwhelms them. I still put her in huggies pull ups which are a bit thinner for long car journeys etc as she she gets extremely upset if she does wet herself as she is literally soaked. It's a very tricky one as many people have told me I'm just confusing her by mixing real pants and pullups ( which she also wears at night) but I honestly feel it's reducing her stress. Go with your own instincts and good luck.
  19. A big hello to all the new members
  20. Hi Viper, Great news you've now got your appointment. I know what you mean about public transport - I thought it was only me that had these problems !!
  21. Hope the diagnosis make's things a little easier for your son Nellie Best wishes to you both
  22. It's great to hear a success story
  23. Hi, Paed has prescribed melantonin and waiting for my first supply of capsules. Can I mix it with a hot drink or does it have to be with something cold ? Caps are 3 mg, doc says take one at night and try one if she is wide awake during the night. Does this work for anyone else's child who wakes during the night ?
  24. Welcome Sam and Nicky - nice to have you aboard ! <'>
  25. big mamma

    steves first day

    That's great to hear Hev
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