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  1. What meetings do you go to, where PP are involved ?
  2. I have to get my relative to ask my son for his views for my case statement for SENDIST tribunal. What information will they need what questions should I ask. Please help this is the last bit to get, must do tonight.
  3. I have now applied for an assessment with it I enclosed a letter highlighting my sons problems now and have had a visit from the parent partnership. She advised me that my letter was very good but didn't say whether It would fulfill the criteria for assessment. I now have a week to get my parental views in and will have another visit from her tommorow. my son has a diagnosis and all his problems at school are linked to his AS. His problems could fill a book. Can anyone help me with parental representation, one to work from, it seems daft to write about their history when they have a diagnosis. HELP
  4. I phoned the parent partnership and they are coming to see me in about ten days, I told her I was going to send in my letter anyway.
  5. looks like a no win situation then, The school hav'nt been giving him much in the way of support and now he is hating school and learning.
  6. I have used a small dab of stop and grow and it has worked when I don,t want my son to chew certain things he just looked puzzled and stopped.
  7. My son has responded well to lactulose its a miracle. It seems that he was not lying when he said I can't feel when i want to go.
  8. Thanks for all your help and support, I know I am going to have a battle as this LEA don,t want to statement I have a good friend who has gone through the process and can help me. I hav'nt been in touch with parent partnership yet, will they try to talk me out of it? The professionals I have seen have said that chldren have to be a lot worse than my son. He is seeing clinical psychologist for anger and stress. occupational therapist for balance and handwriting practice all of which she says have improved in six sessions!!!! I fell really angry as I trusted the teachers and system and it has failed my son.
  9. My child has been on school action plus since his problems were first identified in reception class and we were told then it was AS but didnt get an official diagnsis until Feb this year as there is a long waiting list. He has done well since then achieving well above the curriculum levels for his age in all the key subjects. It wasn,t until the start of year 5 that things started to go wrong and he was refusing to write, losing motivation for school, saying that he didn't like repeating things and saying what do we need to do that when we don,t need it. He is now in year 6 and has become more agressive as well as he is taunted at school and the other children love to see him blow. I have decided to ask for a statement to get it in place before he goes to secondary. I went to his IEP meeting last night and said that he needs more help one to one as the school are missing the fact that he does not understand what is required in some cases and that the language he uses is because he cant admit that he just can't do it or can't understand. He just sat an optional sat test reading comprehension and put his pen down as there was too much abstract thinking needed. The school can't see the problem as he is achieving level 5 in year 5 test. He is hardly outputting any work, none that I have seen in year 5 this will be no good for secondary. The autism outreach was there at the meeting and said to the senco that the school would have to prove that they have given 20 hours. What does this mean? the senco just bluffed through this and said the school had no money. meanwhile my child is suffering daily coming home stressed and depressed.
  10. Thanks for all your replies, I am just going to get down to it and make a few alterations as nothing really has changed that much. I am still not looking forward to it though.
  11. I have had DLA for two years for my son and now have to reclaim again. I have kept all I said the last time on my computer, there has only been a few changes since last time, Do you think I could make changes and reprint or will the descision maker compare the last claim just see this?
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