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    Sleep - never seem to get enough !!
  1. So how is it going? Hope he's settling in well. Louise
  2. Well so far all 3 taxi companies: (1 for ES and 2 for YS) : have come up trumps - they are on time in the morning and mainly on time pm(sometimes problems with trafic on the way home.) The drivers are friendly and chatty. Mind you being first pick up helps as far as earlier pick-ups can't make them late. Louise
  3. Fantastic news - hope it all works out. Louise.
  4. I went to school with........ Cathy Sex whose formal name was 'Miss C. Sex' When ES was at Nursery there was another lad whose first name was 'Yufuk' !! I've worked in the hospital with Staff Nurse Nurse (her surname was 'Nurse') Louise
  5. Glad to hear that you made it home in one piece . What was his favourite bit? Hope he didn't work you too hard. Louise
  6. Probably too late for you but when this happened here we emphasised that another very ill child had to queue jump but his (YS's) turn would soon be at the top of the list again. We were told we had to phone the morning of the operation to confirm space and YS knew this and was reasonably accepting when it had to be postponed. Louise
  7. A bit far .... sorry . Louise
  8. Have a fantastic holiday - hope he takes to flying like a fish to water. Louise
  9. You are obviously relieved to have it confirmed.... well done you. Often wonder if it's a help to have dx as an adult - we are all 99% certain my DH has Aspergers. However there is no way he would be prepared to be assessed. I also wonder about myself - I know I have Auditory Processing Disorder - this was dx in 1997. If I'm not dsypraxic then no-one is. I have spent my whole life being an outsider : I even had councilling when I was in my mid-20's becase I didn't know who I was or where I belonged (Geographically). Go out and Celebrate - go and buy a 'sparklie' to commenerate(?sp) the day. Louise
  10. Mumble where did you get the idea that being an Acaedmic and Aspergers don't mix??? They are made for each other - if your special interest is in an academic field ... surely having someone who is prepared to spend their whole time studying/teacher others about their favourite subject so that others may find it intesesting... You can only be a good teacher if you enjoy your subject and know it well - and going by my ES that is how he with his 'favourite' subject. Through choice when you are tudying can you be bothered to stop for meals/sleep/anything? I bet the answer is 'No'....or at least 'In 5 more minutes' Keep away from that woman - she is making you ill . By thew way she is not a 'chocolate teapot' because they do have a use - as my YS told us when he was about 5yrs - 'you can eat a chocolate teapot'. Sounds as though she's more like 'an ashtray on a motorbike' ' full of yuck that won't stay where it should but gets into your eyes and mouth instead. Try and organise a day out without stress - which is probably a contradiction in terms I know - go somewhere quiet and just soak in the fresh air and peace .... and drift away to 'Planet Zog'. (Don't know if you know 'Planet Zog' apparently it's nice there you can talk and think about YOUR subject without any hassle - ES visits the place very regularly.) Take Care (((HUGS))) Louise
  11. Hope you get a week's freedom - sounds as though you need it. Louise
  12. Spoke to Education transport today and apparently eveything is sorted - he will be travelling in with one taxi firm and going home by another - a receipe for disaster me thinks. Louise
  13. Hev ,what a horrid situation for you all to be in. Hope things are a bit more settled today. (Only just seen this thread <'> ) Louise
  14. My instinct is to write back saying just that - you'll carry on taking them to tribunal until you receive full written conformation of what they are offering you. Good Luck. Louise
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