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  1. Is there really no groups for kids that anyone knows of? I am looking for something for a child of around age 11. If anyone knows of any online groups I'd love to know. Thanks.
  2. Hi, thanks. Not been on here for some time... things have actually been going smoothly (quick, touch wood!) Someone I know is interested for their child, they want to be in touch with other kids with similar issues to understand themselves better. Would be great if such a thing exisited, anyone know of any?
  3. My son had it when he was about 6 and has still got a few on his chest - he's now 12! I was told they were highly contagious and that it was invisible to the bodies immune system, hence the suggestion to pick the spots, apparently it triggers the bodies defences into fighting it. I found that picking the spots as they came up was easier as they never formed the hard white ball inside and were instead just watery. The ones on his chest still are hard but not raised too much and not very easy to get at, so have just left them. Was never told about it being linked to the immune system. My GP had had it too and showed me the scars on her legs!
  4. Does anyone know of a website forum just for kids? For them to talk to others about how they feel etc? Thanks.
  5. My son was creating something during art at school this week and the other kids all crowded round telling him his model was "sik". apparently he got really upset and thought they were saying it as rubbish, when in fact they thought it was really cool. The SENCO luckily was taking the lesson and managed to sus out what was going on, but had she not this would of troubled him for a long while. I have tried googling for a list of the current slang kids are using but the slang dictionany is VAST! How are our kids suppose to understand their peers when they can't even get to grips with the "English" language! Anyone else found this or anyone got a short list of the most common recent words?
  6. Yes I am worried about that too everytime I see the repeat! My son will NOT throw anything away, shiny paper, stones, cable ties, shiny bits from the art room floor, buttons, cardboard boxes - mostly cereal - and all the snippings from the bedroom floor ...EVERYTHING! I have to wait until he's at school to clear it up but he still knows and goes mad. I threw away an old magic set the other day as there were bits missing and you know what happened, he asked where it had gone because he had to learn a magic trick for school, it was only the day before it went off to the black sack in the sky! His latest obssession is Pokemon... FOR 2 YEARS! I am desperate for him to discover something different, he makes Pokeballs out of cereal boxes, they are very good and he has them perfected now, but please just throw things in the bin!!!
  7. Is this a new system? I went last year and they just gave wristbands, an orange one for the disabled person and put on and 3 or 4 more yellow ones for the rest of their party. No card system. However they did have a "disabled" queue whereby they would only let one party on at a time, so on things like the log flume at Chessington you did have to wait a while because they had a designated boat just for that queue. Legoland - Did you know that if your received carers allowance and take your letter as proof they will give you a free carers ticket into the park! They keep this bit quiet.
  8. Hi, I am currently on the 6th week of this course and so far have found it of no benefit to my Aspergers son - the whole reason for trying the course! However, if you have any siblings who are supposedly NT and who's behaviour is causing you concern I would recommend this course. My AS son is 10 and my NT son is 5. I am using the techniques of the W.S. course on the 5 year old with some amazing results! ie. Getting him to dress himself for school, sit at the mealtable without getting up and down the whole time and being able to wipe his own bottom! This only took about 3-4 weeks to achieve and is already making life easier. This is, of course, only my own opinon and others may have found it useful, but so far I would say not for AS kids - however I will keep you updated because I have a few more week to go on the course yet.
  9. I know someone with NT girls, 9 and 12. She's a bit house proud and has now redecorated and got rid of the girls toys! There are no pink fluffy pillows or a doll in sight, their bedrooms are all decorated like an adults room. It made me very sad to see My boys are 4 and 9 and the place is awash with stuff, I can't wait to get rid of some clutter, but I'm not wishing it away either.
  10. I voted yes to the 2nd question - However, I did not know at the time and only found out afterwards from PP that they have to put it in writing and you do NOT have to comply. This happened many times when my son started in reception year as he could not sit still in silence and eat his lunch so they made me pick him up for lunch and take him back afterwards... All with a 3 week old baby in tow! Lovely caring school, NOT! He only lasted there a year, thankfully.
  11. I am getting confused now... I put into the LEA the change I wanted in the Statement to reflect the level of support required and they have taken the opportunity to sneek a bit in! It used to say "xxxxx requires support for school trips" which I guess would cover ALL trips, yes? but now I asked for a bit to be added about being no more than 3 kids in a group and the TA to responsible for his safety etc and the LEA have "slipped" in a very small word which changes EVERYTHING. Basically they have put "curriculum". Meaning that if the trip is not educational and is purely a treat then it does not count and support is not provided. Now of course I am going to dispute this little word as it was not there before, I have mentioned to them that I'd spoken to the DRC and IPSEA, so they are aware that I know what I want, they will just wait for our response to the proposed statement, which of course is going to be NO. Anyone able to help on the issue of whether they can discriminate between curriculum and non-curriculum trips?
  12. Ah that's great news! I like the name Flossie! The kids love pets don't they. We have just got a kitten last week, a Bengal he looks like a mini Leopard, our eldest boy named him Teatoe. Apparently because he's always there at tea time and he REALLY bites your toes!
  13. Right... have spoken to DRC and basically the 1995 Act does not cover auxilary cover. However the schools do have to make "Reasonable Adjustment". I am in a bit of an advantagous position though because I have cover for school trips written into my sons statement it is a bit vague (isn't it always). Luckily I am still in the proposed stage of the Statement and was about to finalise it when this happened so I have spoken to IPSEA. They have advised tightening the statement wording, (which I have just sent across to his caseworker for review) and then the school/LEA will HAVE to provide the cover! sneeky but hey, they'd do the same to us! So a word of advise to anyone in the proposed stage of a statement, get something in there regarding school trips! and make sure it's nailed down.
  14. Thanks Phas, I have contacted the DRC via their online form, could take 3 days to respond, so may ring them too. Where did you find that quote? Will probably need to be quoting it to his Caseworker on Monday morning I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with the school but equally why should my son miss out. We have already said to him that he probably can't go and he is devistated It such an experience for them and I really don't see why he shouldn't enjoy it along with everyone else in his year. Lorraine, I think all school trips are optional? not sure. The trip he's going on at the beginning of November I still had to sign a slip to say he could go and pay �6 towards it. I bet it is the money again, lets face it it usually is! because the London trip is �190. Now some parents will not be able to afford this trip and the choice is their to make but because I am prepared to pay the �190 he should be allowed to go, but I am not prepared to pay �380, our family could go on holiday for 2 weeks camping for that kind of money. Ultramum, will email the AWARES 06 contact you sent me, be interesting to hear their take on it.
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