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  1. Tally That is absolutely brilliant news! Many congratulations. Barefoot
  2. I can recommend looking on The Student Room site for good examples of personal statements and the sorts of things people include for particular courses. I think it would be good to mention that your interest began via your cat but show how it has developed since then, i.e don't go on about it too much! There are also some good books on how to write a persoonal statement that you can buy from a well known book selling internet site. I don't think I would mention your brother unless it has affected any exam results or impacted on your studies toward your intended degree. Barefoot
  3. I'd been hoping for an update to this thread. Absolutely bl***dy brilliant news! Hope all goes well - keep us posred. Xx
  4. To go back to Littleplums's original post, I would dare to answer on my son's behalf and say that I very much believe that, given a choice, he would have preferred not to have been born with Asperger 's but as to taking a 'magic pill ', I'm not so sure. I would hope he would say 'No', as he is a fantastic lad who is very loved by all who know him, but I fear he may well say 'Yes'. Barefoot
  5. Why not suggest it to the daily Mail? Have to say I disagree with you on your views - nothing new there.
  6. Suze That is wonderful news! Many congratulations to your son ( and allow yourself a big pat on the back too ). Barefoot x
  7. Sad news - nice to hear she was looked after so well by staff. Stay strong. Barefoot
  8. Oh Tally, that is awful news, I am so sorry. Wendy x
  9. Flappyfish Thanks for that recommendation - looks a very interesting read. Forgetmeknot Hope the book helps you too.
  10. BD What is wrong with a reward for good behaviour?
  11. barefoot wend


    I prefer 'innocent until proven guilty'
  12. I think dealing with death is very hard when you are young as it is not something you expect to have to deal with. It makes you question mortality at a very early stage in your life - just as you are supposed to be having the time of your life. A friend of my daughter's died a couple of years ago and she was devastated - she normally is the type to take things very much in her stride. It took her much longer than I ever anticipated to come to some understanding and acceptance. The doctor offered grief counselling which was very proactive - not just the 'sit and talk it through' type of thing. Perhaps you could speak to your GP to see if there would be any sort of professional help you could call on? Otherwise, I found it best to let my daughter talk about it whenever she felt like it as it is better all out so you know how she is thinking rather than bottling it up and you being left in the dark.
  13. Bid Hope all goes well for your dd and she enjoys her night. Don't know about you but all we got was a rubbish disco in the school hall. Barefoot x
  14. Easy!!!!!! My darling lad is on prom committee - endless traipsing round looking at prospective venues, artwork for invites, shopping for decorations, shopping for smart suit - not easy with 6ft 6inch son, hair bleaching and dying!!!!!!!! Will be so glad when term ends. Also had email from school charging me £42 for week work experience which I arranged and for which he will get no pay, and I will be paying transport, etc. Aaaarrrgh! Kathryn, hope you find new job - hopefully just after Wimbledon ends. barefoot
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