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  1. Hi Reading this has brought tears to my eyes, my son is now 12 but when he was a toddler shopping was a total nightmare after a bad experience in Tesco ( the usual comments from other shoppers) I literally refused to go out of the house with the children for months. 3 months later I did and had a man came up to my face very aggressively and said 'Shut your f***** kid up ' then he proceeded to follow us around, I dived into the nearest shop BHS and went to the cafe and phoned my husband up who was working 25miles away asking him to pick me up. I was in tears.( All this was before diagnosis - so I DID think it was me and my poor parenting skills. I dread to think how insecure the kids must have felt with mum in tears everytime we went out! My son was diagnosed several years after this. I just wish I had known I wasnt the only one at the time as it wrecked my confidence for years. Gradually I've put strategies in place but shopping trips are half an hour long at the most and we have to stick to the list no matter what. Juney
  2. My sons diagnosis is HFA. when I asked the paediatrican who's diagnosed him as I thought the diagnosis would be AS - she said that indeed the diagnosis was very similar but was depend on verbal language skills - she said that children with AS tended to speak at a younger age than children with HFA. My son didn't communicate with anyone outside of our immediate family till he was about 6 years old. I think theres pluses and minuses with bothe diagnoises really. juney
  3. Some Children's Centre's run groups for children over 5 years children deemed 'in need' ( and children with disabilities are under s17 children act 1989) in order to promote their development and prevent social exlusion. My son was offered a place at one for up to 13 years old but refused to go ( what a surprize!!) So I don't know what it was like, I was told they did games, computers, usual youth club type activities. It might be worth looking into as a gentle introduction to social activities. My son refuses to any sort of social club/group at all, usually looking extremely puzzled at why on earth he would want to go and telling me I can go if I'm so keen!!! juney
  4. Hi Stella, My son is in Y7 and moved up to a very big secondary school last september - this time last year I was very anxious but I am pleased to say that he has managed extremely well. Last summer he had about four visits between half term and the end of term. one was with me after school, we looked around all the classrooms, dining room, library, loos, and the SEN area. The next 2 visits he went from school with a LSA and he was also able to take a friend. they went at breaktime so he could hear the noise etc. Finally he did the usual day there that the whole of Y7 do. We did quite a lot of planning at home - I laminated his timetable - I waas going to colour code it but he hasn't needed me to. I was concerned that he would get lost between classses but he's adapted very well. He has a quiet area that he can go at break timetimes - but he doesnt use this very much. one of things that he does need a lot of help with is organising his school bag as he needs to take so many more books etc. So Good Luck to you and your son. juney
  5. My son is 12 years old with HFA. he can't ride a bike and can't do shoelaces. he's a size 5 so its now difficult to get velcro straps, so I use these elastically pully lace things that you can get from sports shops. He can do a very loose lace if pushed - very stressful, and its too loose to be practical. This way he has a sense of autonomy as he knows he can manage his shoes and trainers without help and much less stressful before school for us all.
  6. Hi, local authorities have a duty to assess under section 17 of the children act 1989 if a child is at risk of not been able to develop and achieving an adequate level of wellbeing, OR if he or she is disabled. or in other words ' in need', only need to provide services if they have the means. Its worth checking out the exact wording. The best people to contact are the local duty and assessment team, who will arrange for an assessment to be undertaken. Like other posters I have found a gap in the services between learning disabilties and mental health teams. I also agree with the fact that few social workers seem to have a good standard of knowlege of autism. juney
  7. Really proud of my DS - just started secondary school, and for the past 2 days has managed to find his way around to the lessons on his timetable, cope with all new uniform, and managed to use public transport with the support of his older NT brother. By the sounds of it he has also managed OK at breaktime and lunchtime. juney
  8. Clare, hope your son's day at school went OK. maybe put in writing to the Senco how you feel - this works better for me than phone calls. Stella, Hope your son enjoyed swimming and managed with his tie etc. My son has just had his second day at secondary. We've got tie issues this morning he had it on the outside of the shirt collar, I had to be extremely diplomatic about changing it! All the best for the coming few days juney
  9. Thanks for your kind thoughts. will be on tenderhooks all day.
  10. Thanks Chris for the good luck. I'll read this thread in more detail later as only 45 mins till DS leaves for his first day at secondary school. here I am trying to keep it calm. Big panic last night...how could I have forgotten I needed to teach him how to cope with his tie.. and he has no patience at all with this sort of thing. I've done a loose tie and he justs needs to slip it over his head and tighten it. Today is the first time he's managed to wear all the pieces of the new uniform at the same time!!! More nerves tomorrow first day on public transport with older DS in charge. Not sure how older DS feels - he hasn't had any choice. We have been practicing saying '40p please' be back later juney
  11. You can get the cards from NAS website.
  12. We've had a good summer break, managed to get out abit, its been easier as I passed my driving test this year. Getting apprehensive about back to school - as DS is starting secondary, so huge amount of change including using public transport. juney
  13. I've got the cards which I've used a on a couple of occassions, it gives me a little more confidence that should someone start tutting and staring I can give them the card. ( more to try and make them realise they shouldnt be staring etc than anything else) All it does is make you feel 10 times worse and then everything is so much more difficult to handle)
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