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  1. Gosh annie tracking this thread is really making me feel sad Don't these 'people' understand what they are doing to our children. I just said to hubby, wouldn'y it be great if all our a/s asd kids grew up & became teachers, then recalled all these ignorant profesionels into'class'. I can't comment on the legal aspects of the UK system as it stands however I do have a deeper insight as to the 'workings' of thanks to a good friend of mine ( further post !). Hang on in there <'> <'>
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    IDEA !

    Hi Carole, You must be able to read my mind. Only two days ago I was thinking down the same track. The 'system' as it stands relys on the fact that as parents we are isolated. The concept of 'banding together' as a unit would give us a voice. If we had a representitive national collective, of out spoken parents behind us, then these harrowing school meetings that each & every one us attends, would stop being so intemidaiting. I posted somewhere the other evening that my hubby says I should no longer need to buy books on ASD since finding this forum & someone else echos that, Kathryn I think, But its true there is such a wealth of knoweledge right here. You certainly have my vote
  3. Hi & thanks I am still reeling !! Nelly, no they have no ASD support or info, therein lies my concerns, who is going to replace 'us' her support back-up ? Bid, how did you cope ? I want this so much for 'e' BUT ??? Please inform me ' what would you do' ? Kathyrn, yes at long last they are taking this seriously, but what do I do. We are talking about a child who has devised her own comunication system/ ie when returning from school/college she writites a No on a blackboard we have. 1 is bad day 10 is ok day, depending on the No relayed,depends how long it takes for her to 'talk ' about her day. This facility will not be available at the Lycee !!
  4. Hi everyone, Got so much to say & it's all rattling round in my head so fast I might get it writen down wrong, so sorry in advance. First want to say that after reading a couple of really sad, frustrating postings today, I feel guilty at being so happy. But I really can't contain this anymore. Yesterday evening I got a phone call, 7pm, from 'e' school s/worker. He asks " can I make an early morning meet". Intrepitation sets in, so armed to to the teeth with 'defencive docs/bks, etc I arrived at the school 9am this morning, in fighting mood. On arrival I am greeted by said s/w & principal, apologeticaly, they explain that even with all the info that I have given them they can't learn fast enough about a/s to support 'e's needs But they have taken on board that 'e's ambition is to be a jockey & has serious difficulties. So they have spent the last 5 days researcing the availability of such institutions. After dismissing many, they have found one and have got them to accept 'e' in SEPTEMBER. It's brand new. Normally they have to be 15 to enter Lycee (equates to universaty in the UK) Unlike many others, this one also continues the academic programe, so she will get her final qualifications ( she so desparatly wants), only they have a condenseded timetable, focusing on only core subjects So she will drop from 50hrs academic study to 30hrs. 50% of the time she will be in equestrian school She has a trial day on the 10th March, after wich we have to the end of May to make a desision. The ONLY issue I see as a problem is that it is residential. We have always been her only support team & 'educators',how will she cope without this ? Bearing in mind that this is NOT a a/s unit Bid, I could do with your input. I'm not even sure how I feel at losing my 'baby' so young Nikki, it's at Saint-Hilaire du-Harcouet, 'bout 2 hrs from us, but close to you I think. Then even more, I get home, head buzzing I get a phone call !! The specialist, that attended early on, with meeting with school. She admits France is BAD at taking ASD on seriously, very apologetic, explains that France is the only EU country that doesn't have facilities for a/s kids ( like I didn't already no that !) She asks, can I attend a meeting with several other specialists on 6th April to explain to them the needs of a/s kids from a parents point of view I'm gob-smacked. Overwelmed right now Thanks for everyones support & feedback One day at atime
  5. Oops missed this one Is this oblegitory ? If so sorry ! Hi I'm me, married to Nik, he's on here somewhere he tells me, very happily for the last eight years. I have four kids from my first marriage, 2 sons, aged 21 & 20 & 2 daughters aged 19 & 13. Youngest was dx'd a/s aged 9yrs. Youngest son is non dx ASD, but last summer was dx'd as psycotic scits- ofrenic ( sorry can't spell it) hope you can work it out. I'm not convinced this is a true dx, but what the h*** I'm only his mother. He is now sectioned in a UK 'hospital. Sometimes feel it's all to much, then I read other peoples plights and end up thinking' so what I am I moaning about'. Love this forum, unlike some others I've looked at, it's not judgemental. Nik says he's glad as it will save him money, as now shouldn't need to buy books, he reckons I've got a'online librerary' here. Kook forward to learning more
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    If I had had a � for every time I was told that I thought the UK had a total 'zero tolerance' on bullieing ? I do hope you can resolve this Good luck
  7. Wow Annie, what a great result I've no idea if the school on offer is good bad or indifferent, but what a turn around. Your son must be feeling happier. Well done
  8. Hi Annie, my heart really goes uot to you & your son.. The first quote, is amost word for word what my daughter expressed at a recent simialar meeting. The second quote is the one that worries me most. It sounds as though your sons self esteem is really at an all time low. I don't have answers as I am outside the uk system, but I do know how you must be feeling. So sorry <'> Hope things inprove very soon
  9. That s ridiculas !! like they would have listened !! When I postested this I thought maybe I was being biased, however reading further postings I feel happier with what I wrote. Your son is clearely distressed and needes to know that he has your support Keep him at home. I would. Your son is being bullied at school by peers he doesn't need it from adults
  10. Hi Tez I read this a few hours ago & was so angry, I had too go away to get clear what I wanted to say and I've got it now. In my opinion, under no circumstances should your son be punished Why ? Firstly, as already stated, where were members of staff when this took place ? Second, I would ask how an adult/staff member would have handled it ? By politly asking the 'animals' in question to refrain ??? Whilst your son appears to have taken radical action, it would sound as though he responded calmly to a very scarey situation and stopped it. He didn't beat these 'boys' around the head with a chair, he simply removed them, bearing in mind there was two of them, I reckon he deserves a medal. I would say 'stand by him'. I hear what you say about your'relationship' with the school, however your son relies on you as his advocate. He is not guilty of anything other than useing common sense in a uncommon situation. It saddens me to read this, why does your son, 'need' a safe area ? To protect him, I know, but it seems so very wrong that the victim is being segregated, whilst the bullies have the freedom of the playground. Surely it should be the other way around. Be strong and put your foot down. Good luck
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    The Ombudsman

    Hi Karaoke queen , Welcome to this forum, it's great here, I've not ever found a Forum I could write on, this one is just so friendly & informative. Hope to read more from you <'>
  12. Hi everyone, Just wanted to keep you posted. Nellie, I emailed the european health org about the case at Strasbourg and asked where I could get a French version of the report. They mailed me back this morning and said that they have now posted a F version on the epha site and they have so I printed that too. Nikki all that info has proved fantastic. Dredging my way through it has taken 'till now, but what a revalation some of it has been. Thanks to you I have now found a French a/s site with MASSES of info on it, not least a contact specialist in my dept. Dept 50, 14 and 61 all have their own sites. They mention little on a/s, but it's a massive breakthrough. I've rang the CMI again this morning, they were aware that there were problems with 'e' and I going to be contacted in the morning, first thing. Meanwhile 'e' has gone off to school promising faithfully that she will work harder, won't get angry and try to understand more. What do I say ? Don't try, thats what I wanted to say. I explained that if she can't it's because they are not providing her with the right enviroment, and that it is not her fault. I do not want her turning into some silent robotic creature. Never the less she has convinced herself she can do this. Which is only going to make the inevitable 100 times worse for her, as she really will feel she has failed Thanks again everyone
  13. Thanks Nellie I really apreciate it.I don't know if you picked up on it but at the end of the press release they have disclosed all the contact points for the barrister who represented them. I have e-mailed her, so a million thank you's
  14. It is on www.autismeurope.arc.be/english/frame.htm I think thats right. Then go to what is autism ? However Ive just checked & would you believe it, today of all days they are revamping their site and this isn't on it. So I've retrieved it from my history files and glued it below. Their new site is www.autismeurope.org. The stats that they quote, as hubby points out, are based on dx'd individuals !! Autism is perhaps the worst of all disabilities, it is not seen, it is not noticed, it is not understood. Today, autism is considered to be a pervasive developmental disorder of the brain functions (definition of DSM-IV and ICD-10) which prevents a person from organising and understanding information transmitted by their senses. It can cause a person to withdraw into ownself and can affect social interactions with the outside world dramatically. The main symptoms of autism are : Deficits in social reciprocal interaction Deficits in verbal and non verbal communication and imagination Limited range of activities and interests Autism is a serious disability. Although autism was once believed to be rare, clinical studies have now demonstrated that the prevalence of full, classical autism is 4-5/10.000 and there may be up to 10-20/10.000 people who exhibit many of the symptoms and so could be included within the " autism-continuum ". Autism is sometimes combined with other disabilities such as Down syndrom, epilepsy, Rett syndrom or tuberous sclerosis. Even today, due to lack of proper diagnosis and services, many people with autism do not receive adequate care. Experience has demonstrated that the best treatment for people with autism is early and specialised education which aims at making the environment more accessible to the person with autism and addresses the specific deficits of each individual.
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