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  1. please dont accept this behaviour.its not ok to be nasty to your mum or family.so im inclined to say face him up and just tell him.dont sort the mess out just leave it.your not helping by sorting his broken room.he should confront it and see what he has done be expected to sort it out and take broke things to the bin.why should any mum put up with a adult trashing the house.YOU DO NEED TO SAY NO.
  2. i think it is true that we concentrate on getting the exams with our kids.i did it with my kids not because i valued exams (i dont have exams??) but society values exams and everything does seem to hang off them .i wish that they weren't important.i wish i knew of a better way.my son got all his standard grades and all his highers he is now at university doing computing.he is happy just now but i worry about his future.will he cope with a really working life( i have not) will he crash and burn at obstacles ( i have)my parents didn't care about us as kids we weren't encouraged and were ignored.both my parents were addicts i have tried to be a great parent and have spent all my time concentrating on my asd kids.i dont know if asd people are ever really happy?or content possibly.we are always searching for happiness i dont know if its our parents fault or for that matter the fact we were educated and got our exams. i have to say people who haven't finished off there education when they are perfectly capable arent well thought of either?but can be successful if not respected by their peers.if you were a artist but didnt go to art school it is tricky with employers.so i think inner happiness is about more than just education and parents pushing us along.it a much bigger whole thing. <3 it is a interesting subject x
  3. hi hun we are in the same boat.our son is 19 and he has always got dwp.we have a nasty feeling he wont get pip.our forms are due april.i will also be apealing.my son is on full meds fluxotine and equasym which do help and he is now doing his degree.but we fully support him to do well.keep us up to date with how you do.cos there are a whole lot of people in the same boat x
  4. anxiety is part of asd.but have you thought of getting treatment for your anxiety by going to your gp and getting help.my son started fluoxetine a few months ago and feels so much better.so that has to be given a try if your anxiety is stopping you having a nice life.
  5. noogsy


    it takes a lot for me to come on here and answer a post.but i read your post and thought" heavens sakes " my son has extreme anxiety to.not made better by the school.hey ho we got there in the end. he did pass all his exams but only after i home tutored him.i learned the curriculum and pushed him along.(i know this sounds mental i gave up my job to and gave up a lot actually to get my babe a future) he is now at college( there is not the same pressure there for him as at high school)give you a bit of hope xxx my babe is doing computing(obviously) and he is doing well.he is in a tiny class of 4. dont give up...look around for things suitable for your boys.go to the college.find out what they can help with. our gp told us money has been put into the colleges and unis for mental health so hell we might as well try get it for them. my babe wouldnt leave the house either. so we started small walking round the block. walking the dog round the block. walking to the shop for sweeties going to the supermarket for sweeties then walking the dog himself round the block. then i bought some mens health mags and he did start to notice hair dos,clothes,watches,shoes,mens bodies then he decided he needed his puny body to look more sexy.....lol so i got him some weights. he started running then he visited a gym and joined <3 it was a slow process there were setbacks but we got there in the end. he is now doing drivng lessons.because public transport is a no go.( but he does need to go get things).....lol i would say lots of reasurance is the way to go. and encouragement. and total calm and a sense of humor. your x hun what can i say.....lots of us might have other halfs who are a holes but dont allow yourself to distract you from the kids.they have to be the focus for everyone including father. im hoping this posts.lol good luck hun.i know its is ridiculously hard and lonely.but not impossible xxx
  6. aw bless,i think you need to look at asd and aspergers with him. and the so called umberella of symptoms which make up asd,adhd and aspergers. when we all find out our child has somthing wrong it takes up a huge amount of resourses and energy. with time we start to realise we as parents may also have traits. this might be the case with your hubby. we were told that these symptoms come through the male line mainly. but for us it has been me (femail),but my dad is wonky. try to kindly get him to look at his symptoms if he understand s how bad he feels then maybe you can work together
  7. ive read about this lad. and i think it is such a shame. i think we should all remember that asd people even some adults still need parenting. and it is worth checking out what they are up to. my 14 year old is minus his charger for his laptop at the moment. because he has been challenging me with his behaviour on his laptop. people with diabilities deserve to be looked after properly. as for the get out of jail free card,i dont believe he should get that. but i think there should be somewhere more suitable for him. there are people trying to do reaserch on kids in prison with adhd and asd, but they are being held back by the government and goveners. because people at the top dont believe adhd and asd is relevant. it is believed there is a high amount of people in prison with adhd and asd. but the are refused medication????that can help stop there behaviours. its really depressing. we have a specialist who had been trying to acsess a borstal locally for 8 years and he is stopped because he might diagnose people. soooo frustrating.
  8. my 13 year old son did the same, he was suppose to read a novel for high school, over the summer holidays and he read horrible histories instead. then he was asked by his english teacher to do a talk on his book/books. eeeeewwww did she make a mistake asking him to talk to the class ....lol he had to be taken from class cos he got into a total state. and frankly had a lot to say.......lol noogsy xx
  9. noogsy

    what next??!!

    has he been tested for dyscalculia??? noogsy
  10. hi my son who is in first year had his bus pass C+ from the council young scot card,for paying for meals.he takes a packed lunch. and medical pass,to allow him out of class at any time. all were stolen from his pocket at lunch time today. i had attached it inside his blazer pocket. in a leather wallet attached on a lanyard. so far no-one has touched it.he had no money. or money on his card so it isnt of any use to anyone. but has probably been bined,once they realised. i need ideas to keep my babes one very important school items safe. having his young scot card with him makes him feel less diffrent. his medical pass he uses when he is having a bad day. im so frustrated,cos he would never steal anyone eless stuff. why are others so horrible to him. now his and my anxiety levels are through the roof. noogsy :crying:
  11. my wee boy has long hair, i have cut his hair at collar length since he was a wee thing. i also cut a fringe.ive become good at it and he is very cute. he also hated the whole process of hairdressing...lol so we adapted and he is still cute at 12years old. noogsy x
  12. noogsy


    lol at your babe my littlie has done all of the above and more he also gets sent home from school...sick of school..lol im the same as the mum above if someone is ill in my house then they lie down no games although i do allow tv or radio and reading. all my kids love reading and books. as soon as my lot start rumbling wanting food and walking around. then it is back to school love noogsy x
  13. hi my wee boy used to head bang as a toddler, i used to stop him,try to distract him with a game, louis used to head bang when he was frustrated,bored or angry. my wee boy grew out of this behaviour before he went to primary school. love noogsy
  14. noogsy


    aw thanks so much everyone <'> what a great help you have all been ive wrote these books in my diary anyone else who has ideas i will add them i might even pass the list to the school they appreciate my help : ) i will pick these books up from the library and see what his majesty thinks love noogsy xx
  15. hi crikey no wonder you are furious, make me wonder how many other families are getting the run around, they(the social workers) didnt think you were going to get legal help, you called there bluff aye good luck and i hope you get respite care help noogsy x
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