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    Hi guys long time since i was here, so much has happened and that would take me a year to type ........ so im just gonna tell you about niams sleeping! after 14 years and 9 months he is sleeping at night after being given metolin last thursday! He still cant face swallowing one, he has tried bless him, but he chews them and within 2 hours he is asleep. i have been up at night with him since he was so small and now he is sleeping, it is so weird yet soooo fantastic. i wouldnt have niam on medication for all these years, and then did so much research on this drug and after a lot of thinking abd worrying it was the best thing ive done. # i know its early days but the first night sleeping is amazing. now to sort out the rest of his life
  2. Hi all thanks for the replies - to answer some questions........ (i will try and remember them ha) Niam went into a mainstream school when he advanced to senior 2 septembers ago, and didnt fair well, we carried on and on with them but it made him so depressed and withdrawn - which in a way was a good thing we moved away......... i looked at mainstream when we moved here, but after a lot o thought, did i want my child to go through all that trauma again of starting a new school, trying (with great difficulty) to make friends.... trying to answer his questions of why i put him there, and his pleas of help - every night he came home from school........... my answer was NO! It killed me watching him before i wasnt putting my child through that again ! so its been a long process! I have rang and rang.......... every week................. being told they are waiting for reports from this body and that one! what can i do or say......... except quoting the timescales! i have everything written down........ every call, person and outcome! Here are my timescales........... Jan 22nd - assessment being considered (6 week deadline) 5th March Feb 20th - letter to comfirm proposed assessment to go ahead (on track -very good) 14th May - assessment to be completed (Not yet) 28th May - proposed draft of statement or letter in leui........ (Nothing Nadda) 23rd July - 26 weeks up over and out! i rang again today - and the information is all collected and ready for a draft statement to be proposed and sent out to me, it in in the tray of his officer........ and i should get the draft this weekend or early next week!!!! Unfortunately there isnt one person to shout and rant at, due to the factor about 5 or 6 people have to compile the information that goes towards the final statement................ So i sit and wait. we have put forward a school for Niam(well the Ed PHY told us it was the one he thought would benefir niam best, but we arent 100% sure of this, so i have more research to do!!), which is a hospital school, dealing with children who find it difficult to cope with mainstream and assist them and anaylise them before placing them in a school!!!!!!!!!! Niam wants to goto school, no he doesnt like the hussle and bussle of mainstream but he wants to see people other then me and my hubby! So maybe next week i will have some answers, and prob more questions if i dont understand the draft statemtent! thanks for reading andlistening guys xx
  3. Well not much has happened really....... As some know we moved to Devon in December, and we couldn't get Ds into school due to his level of LD and reports that were sent back from his mainstream school in Guildford. So i thought i would give HomeEd a try- that lasted about a month, i had a visit from the inclusions officer who advised me that schooling would be better for Ds - due to his lack of social skills! That was in Feb! My DS is NOT in School!!!! He will NOT be going school until at least Sept!! 9 Months of nothing! I saw the inclusions officer two weeks ago and she was so shocked that Ds was not receiving any education! Ds has been seen by educational phy! A Ped consultant! and thats about it. they are sorting out his assessment for statement! what happens when the 26 week deadline is up? im sure its 24 weeks this week.... who do i kick off too? how much impact will it have - its not as though he can goto school as they are all shut now! and half the people dealing with Ds' case are on holidays............. and hey i know i worked for adults in social services, and saw how and when the childrens school department took time off (a lot)!!!! Well not much o an update really, but the fact my son has lost a lot of his education is so disapointing! rant over thank you and good day
  4. Wel thought i would vent my frustration on here, i always found it helps I wrote on 6th Jan we were home educating DS.............. I have heard NOTHING! So i rang the Lea today, and she told me about his statementing process, even though surrey had got the green light to go ahead with the stat assessment, we now have to re apply!! This is going to panel on 12th FEB! |They werent sure how up to date the paperwork from Surrey was, and needed to look into this..... at which point i told them we were told around the begining of december that green for go on assessment, so thats how up to date it is!! My officer (who i dont care for much, already!!), said we dont know your son here, so we would have to start again, i raised my voice then, and said this has been going on for 18months! so does he have to suffer another 18 months before he gets from education what he should of had in the beginging!!!!!!!! (and by then he would be nearly leaving school) Then she told me that it was LAW that DS had to be school educated, at which i replied............. ITS LAW HE HAS EDUCATION EVEN IF ITS SCHOOL OR HOME BASED!! After a few mumbles and oh er ermmm...... she said i will get in contact with the home schooling officer to come and visit, and dicuss what he will need to be doing..... (i dont know what things he is on...... i am no teacher). after her apologising for DS not having education now for 9 weeks! he may get some soon....... not that he is moaning!! i then rang surrey to see that my case officer had sent all the paperwork to plymouth, which they said they had, and i should ask plymouth for paper copies of ALL of it for me to keep! this is due to plymouth also saying that they didnt know if they had all the information they needed!!!!!! tomorrow i start my new job, tonight i will be mainly drinking WINE!!
  5. farfalla

    Home Ed

    Thanks hun, hope you and yours are well, is connor back at school now? i will send you my home number so we can have a chat............ i am still waiting for LEA to ring me concerning the home ed......... ha at them being so good..... gulp! xx
  6. farfalla

    Home Ed

    Well we have now moved and nearly settled in.. still boxes to unpack! We talked to Niam over the xmas about school, and showed him the websites of the nearest ones to us- basically he has flipped and has school fear now! His last school in Guildford we great- they tried all they could with him, and got the assessment process going, but his experience there wasn't ever good............... So now we are going to Home ed him, i am a bit scared and wondering if i am doing the right thing, but i know a friend (hey clare), who managed it, so i am going to give it a go................. We have transferred all the info here, and lea are being good about things (so far), we just have to wait for a phone call to talk things over........... as at the mo i dont know what the heck i need to do, i have tried to look at things online but they are a big mess in my head................ So thats about it from me so far. OOOOO apart from its his birthday today,.............. 13!!!! He hates parties, but is letting his cousins come down for a little buffet later.............. How will i get on - god knows - i havent got a clue ha ha Happy new year to all........ lets hope this one is good for my little baby
  7. i am so annoyed got a letter from lea today, refused us on the grounds, the school had failed to send in info from the E.P and others involved in his care at school. rang the school and the senco was very apologetic, but its like i said to her, it took her 3 months to send the silly thing off, and they did it incomplete. now we are moving at the end of the month, so the school are sending all the information back to lea this week, so at least if we get an appeal to a yes, DS' statement process will continue, and not have to be restarted! i am drained and for what................. those idiots!
  8. OOOOOOOO and schools in plymouth or the surrounding area please elp!
  9. Today we have decided (all in a day) that we are moving to Plymouth. We are all set, but worry about all the tings we are sorting out up here, Niam is setting out to be statemented............ will this be affected?????? Niam is being seen by chams (i think thats how it selt) at the end of december, by which time we wil have moved!!!!!! Yes 4 weeks today! we will begone, what do i do to transfer all this over? i have an appointment with my gp tomorrow for other things, can i ask her to transfer it al over? do i need to ring SS about the statemnt............ God no wonder my brain is mush, and now this to add to it all any help with be gratefully recieved
  10. farfalla


    Hi just wanted to say my son chews things. when he was young it was his tops..... corners of t shirt, parts of his coat, they would get so wet i use to take 2 or 3 with us in case we went out to change him. I can say he has grown out of the sucking thing, but that was the start he likes to chew things.............. he chews everything..........! When I have asked him about this he tells me he likes the feeling in his mouth. so at the moment, its plastic coat hangers! i find them broken on the floor and find bits in his bed. I have spoken to him about the dangers too, MY fear of him choking more than anything........ but he looks at me all grown up and says *mum i ain't silly*! He is nearly 13 and I cannot see him losing this trait soon......... sorry i cant be more helpful
  11. wow thank you for that rainbow, i will get the doctor to look at this. he is overweight due to noise levels within PE,so he stopped doing activitiy sports in year 7! we try and keep him active but it is becoming harder too when he is constantly moaning about his legs and feet, i will ask bout this though. today he is having a good day - but then we are at home!!
  12. thought it would be nice for us togo too london for the day, mother was up with my 7 year old nephew........... Dh had the day off..... so all ready to go. Started ok until we got on the train, very busy going to waterloo, and standing room only....... DS starting saying his legs hurt and he needed to sit down, then he got angry with me and said it was fault he was cramped and i should move back. on telling him i couldn't because people are behind me, he told me i was an IDIOT, as loud as he could........... and nearly everyone looked at me. He started huffing and moaning telling me i was stupid, and i could feel everyone looking, as if i was a bad mother and he was just a naughty child....... GOD should i get autistic tattood on his head!! I did manage to calm him down, but he was still quite angry on leaving the train, so we had to sit on the bench for 5 mins so he could rest! While walking through london the only thing he shouted about continuously were that his legs ached and they were going to snap. his Nana tried talking to him which made him worse, so i had to snap at her and tell her to leave him please! We went to china town for lunch, DS loves chinese food, so i thought this would be good. WRONG - the curry wasn't the NORMAL one from our local....... and all the other things there didn't look right or taste right, a buffet lunch for 4.99 and he ate a piece of chicken! 1 cube of it, before gagging and spitting it back on his plate! I will know better next time, if there is a next time.............. i thought i had done everything to prepare him, telling him step by step what were going to do and showing him web pages of where we would be.............. i overloooked the overcrowding on the train...... D'OH! Once on the train home he was back to lovely self and we relaxed, got in the car and drove home.................. back to normality! Just wanted to have a vent on here, things have been a bit stressed here lately, me and hubby had a blow out, but think we have things back on track, he even said for the first time, seeing son with our younger nephew he could see the difference in him straight away. rant over, god it seems worse when i see it written down......
  13. Fantastic news hun I am sooooo happy for you catch up soon xx
  14. Sending hugs out to you and con honey! If you want to scream gimme me a ring or pop round for coffee, and bring connor to say hi to Niam, and of course bring that crazy doggy xx
  15. good to have you back hun, hope all is well x
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