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  1. Caroline-


    That's nothing...... i've thrown a sheep at someone
  2. Caroline-


    Nope, wasn't me either! :-)
  3. My son head bangs things when angry & upset, also his leg will 'rock' if you know what imean.....
  4. I wasn't being upset with anyone's success, & i'm sure Jools wasn't either (sorry Jools not meaning to speak for you lol) i think when you read through other peoples posts (speaking hyperthetically here) i think some people myself included have some confusion about how the fund works things out... The lady who came to see me told me about white goods only being on offer for single parents, maybe it's a new thing, i don't know as i'd never applied to it before.
  5. Hi Jools, this is what the lady from the fund who came out to see us said we could get NOT what the fund itself has actually agreed. We may get absoluetly nothing from the fund, & like you i will be gutted as we have no cooker, no washing machine & no fridge freezer. I was told that you can only get white goods if you are a single mum (which i'm not) Lady who came to see us put a list of items down & one of them was a washing machine...if we get any of the items on the list she wrote is another matter....so it may not be another case of a postcode lottery afterall..... I've seen posts where people have heard back in less than a week, i've heard nothing for 3 wks now & when i phoned them the other day they said that they were really busy & hadn't even looked at the report the lady made about us yet!!! Maybe it's down to that postcode lottery again
  6. Well i'm still waiting. don't know why some people here back sooner than others? I phoned up & asked them & they told me that they were really busy & it would take 3-4 wks as they heard back from the lady who came out to see us on the 4th Feb....maybe this means we won't get anything as some people seem to here back in a week
  7. Hi All, does anyone know how long it takes once someone has come to see you from the FF? The lady came to us on the 4th Feb & i'm still yet to hear back from them Cheers xx
  8. So pleased!! Bernie, the lady from the FF came round this afternoon (on the dot!) Hayden, played up true to form, trying to take her shoe off & jumping in & out of a cardboard box, crawling on all fours etc (glad she saw this) she spent an hour & half with us. Told her about everyone envolved with Hayden, his difficulites etc etc, showed her all the relevent papers & she said she'd call me later tonight as she was doing the typing up of our claim, she was on the phone for 2 hours tonight, talking about what help we can get with Hayden & where to go for it, then she said (as i changed a few items on my list) that we could get a washing machine (ours has broken down) & tumble dryer as we have a baby with severe reflux problems & Hayden rolls around on the floor on a daily basis, money for clothing for Hayden, trampoline, money for furniture for Hayden's new room, sensory toys for Hayden & money or vouchers (whatever it is) for a holiday she also said that she would put it through as urgent to the FF
  9. We always hear the bad, but what about the good? I read these out to my son & it really helped him deal with the positive side of having ADHD 1) Unlimited energy 2) Will try any thing 3) Good conversationalist 4) Needs less sleep 5) Good sense of humor 6) Very caring 7) Do Spontaneous things 8) Notice things that other people don't 9) Understanding of other kids 10) Can think of new ways of doing things 11) Likes to help others 12) Happy and enthusiastic 13) Imaginative - creative 14) Sensitive - compassionate 15) Eager to make new friends Great 16) ong-term memory 17) Life and soul of any party 18) Charming 19) Warm and loving 20) Protective about families 21) Inquisitive 22) Doesn't hold a grudge 23) Quick to forgive 24) Genuine 25) Never boring 26) Perceptive ways to do things 27) Playful 28) Honest 29) Optimistic 30) Inventive
  10. I agree, this forum & it's members have been fantastic - such wonderful support & kind words really mean so much when you are feeling down. I came across this forum by chance & am very grateful for it. I even told my son's paed about it & he asked for the link so he could pass it on to the other mums & dads he see's! <'>
  11. I had a phone call this evening from a lady from the FF, lovely lady called Bernie (said she tried to get hold of me a few times, must of missed the calls ) told her we are moving in a weeks time, so she said she'd call round tomorrow at 3:30 when my son is home from school Still feel awful for asking, have changed some of things i originally asked for to: Sensory toys Trampoline Cooker/ fridge freezer Holiday Think it's too much stuff to ask for?
  12. Thank you Liz & Kinda <'> , of course i wasn't upset by your comment Kinda <'> you are right though. This another reason why i stay up so late so i can try & get a bit of 'me' time. Now Hayden is on the melatonin it does help to settle him at night (not every night mind) before he was on it he was up until 1am most nights! Really can't hurry this assessment on soon enough. We are moving house next Thursday & i've asked my parents if they can have him on Saturday so i can start packing (as usual they said they would 'let me know')
  13. Caroline-


    Added you Anita <'> xx
  14. Caroline-


    anyone who wants to add me to their facebook pm me - i'm all for making new friends ...kindda addicted to it now lol
  15. Thank you all for your kind replies & hugs, it's very kind of you all <'> <'> <'> <'> JsMum, he has had a core assessment of his needs (he is classed as a 'child in need'), the social worker wants to wait for the outcome from CAMHS next week so we can take the next step. I've pushed so much for a full assessment, we know he's already got severe ADHD, & the poor fine motor co-ordination, very challenging behaviour, the paed said he was ASD but as ADHD & Autism go hand in hand a full assessment would be vital to his needs. It's so very draining on a daily basis as many of you will know. I have my son sitting up in the lounge with me now going on & on asking for food (melatonin obviously didn't work tonight!) My daughter had been in voluntary foster care for 5 months as i had severe postnatal depression, i don't want to depress anyone else by going on & on so i'll stop there lol, it's just that this obvioulsly effected my son, she is back home with us now & has been for a month & a half - my son is wonderful with her. It's so hard listening to an 8 year old telling you that he's going to be dead by the time he's 15 & that he would rather be dead in a grave with rain pouring on top of it hopefully this assessment will help us to help him properly
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