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  1. Thanks so much for all your replies - its good to know that someone understands where we are coming from on this! I think the biggest problem I had with it all is the clinical psychologist sitting there and saying that he is the way he is because of what has happened during his life time within the "family unit" - I had PND which was picked up when he was about 9 months old, my husband lost a job, and we moved house. Well we have 3 other children and they don't behave the way Charlie does! At the final meeting she made me feel like everything was my fault!! I just hope that we do get somewhere with the referrals - I don't know what is happening with CAHMS but I do know he is number 8 on the waiting list for sensory therapy.
  2. LOL @ tjw!!! I was going to try it on my 3 year old and 18 month old ... I think I may hold off til my leg muscles have built up! Off to google Moebius mouth now too ....
  3. Well its taken me ages to actually post this cos I still can't believe it myself but Charlie did his 6 weeks assessments etc etc - we saw clinical psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, opthamologist etc etc and the results are that they feel that "a diagnosis of autism is inappropriate at this time" - his speech and understanding came out at 3 years 11 months and he is 3 years 4 months, his physical assessment he came out as rising 5's (no surprise he climbs like a monkey). The paediatrician knows something is not right but doesn't know what and the OT says he has bad sensory problems and needs therapy. They have also referred him to CAMHS and told the . They say that everything points to HFA apart from his speech and understanding. Am I misunderstanding something here because I thought it was not uncommon for HFA to have good speech and understanding. My husband argued at the meeting that all the tests were carried out in a controlled environment and he was totally different there to at home. In the meantime we are left dealing with an agressive destructive 3 year old who we are really struggling with and is tearing our family apart and nobody can tell us why. Sorry read this back and it sounds really moany and whingy ... I apologise for that, I guess I just needed to say how I feel.
  4. <'> All I can say is that I understand what you mean when you say about there being days when you must be imagining it - I feel the same way especially after my trip to the childrens centre recently. This my first time through all this and it is hell.
  5. Hi all My DS is 3 - will be 4 in December and has always had poo problems - its very smelly & runny all the time and we usually have a dirty nappy at least 3 times a day and now he has started doing it in the night as well. I have seen the GP as Charlie used to have a milk problem (soya fed til 12 months) and he said now it is due to the large volumes of milk he was drinking his bowels cant cope with the lactose. I have reduced his milk right down - he has 2 cups a day now and rarely has yoghurt, will not touch cheese and he still has the runny poo. I am now wondering whether this could be a gluten problem maybe? Has anyone had experience of this sort of thing?
  6. have I got a renewal notification for my DS's DLA through even though he has only been getting it since January this year and the current claim runs out in Jan 2009? 6 months warning seems a bit much LOL
  7. rocketgob


    God I am sooo glad I found this thread - I thought Charlie was just going through a phase LOL - he is hysterical when there are flies in the same room as him (which is most of the time since we live in the countryside LOL) - I think I may buy him a swat - that may solve it as he likes to squash things
  8. Hiya Sorry I can't help but I would be interested to hear anyones suggestions - my son is a year younger and has no concept of time at all either - he doesn't even know morning / evening etc and I have the same problem with the "holiday" issue too LOL, he asks several times is it time for pre-school now?
  9. My son likes to lick and sniff cars too ... he is going back to the OT for more assessments
  10. Its door handles in this house ..... :rolleyes:
  11. LOL sounds like my son's pre-school when they filled a similar thing in for the assessment unit!!
  12. Have a great time! Hope the weather is good for you too!
  13. <'> <'> Mumble you poor thing - how are you feeling today?
  14. I would change people's understanding of ASD's & AS - get fed up with "he looks perfectly normal to me" or "oh my son does that - he will grow out of it" I also agree about GP's - mine is useless!! I wouldn't change my boy for anything - all his traits make him who he is and I love him just the way he is!
  15. All mine want to see it!! Not sure I am quite brave enough for that yet .....
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