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    Hi, just wanted to say that eventually the GP's practice nurse got back to me with the info - she has trouble getting it too. Turns out my son's jab did contain mercury, so now I'm going to find out what the next step is... Watch this space...
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    Hmmm, I see what you mean. There's been no talk of a fee as yet, and I'd be a bit ragged off if it was suggested - paying for information that should be readily available?!!! - but we'll see. In answer to your question about when my son was immunised, it was back in 1998 and he's now seven. Cheers, BidL
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    Thanks for that - it's useful to know that the surgery should have the info somewhere. Maybe they just didn't fancy having to dig it out? I'll get back to the surgery and apply some pressure... Thanks again, Bid
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    Hi, I posted a few days ago but I'm still having loads of difficulty finding out the manufacturer of the jabs given to my son when he was 8wks, 12wks and 16wks old in 1998. I'm certain his jabs have had an affect on him - he started producing green poo soon after the jabs and his poo still isn't normal (although not green anymore!). It's possible the mercury in the jabs is the cause. I've been on the Net all week, with no results so far, except this: The jabs for Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis were probably combined with Hib in one injection (there's only one batch number written in his notes); there were 2 brands of such jabs around in 1998; it seems very likely my son's was made by Pasteur Merieux (since Aventis Pasteur and now Sanofi Pasteur), because the other one needed the Hib component added as a separate vaccine. I can't really take this any further without confirming the name of the manufacturer, even my GP seems unable to tell me. What's the point in recording information like the batch number if it's totally useless? Can anyone help? Any ideas? No reponse yet from the Jabs website. Has anyone had similar experience? Cheers, Bid
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    I'm trying to find out if my son's first set of jabs contained mercury or not. He was vaccinated against DTP in early 1998, so there's a good chance. I have the batch number of each vaccination given but not the manufacturer. Does anyone know how to find out the manufacturer? Apparently his GP notes only contain the batch number.
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