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  1. Thank you for posting that article.
  2. Hi Anthony, I know how you feel unfortunately I also had a lot of this sort of treatment from doctors and am now too traumatised to see them. They put me into therapy for years when I have a communication disorder, and gave me SSRI which I had a bad reaction too, and left me worse off. They ruined my life and now I have severe social phobia too. I think if you can you should complain about disability discrimination if you do not get anywhere with a new GP I had to go privately too and I've been dx three times now once by a world class professor whose research created the asd criteria, but apparently the idots at the mental health team who have no knowledge or experience of understanding asd or what it is still do not accept dx. You are entitled by law to a full proper assessment to a specialist in ASD, it is your human right to have that. The mental health team do not do proper professional assessments, you are entitled to be referred to a specialist who does this such as CLASS. I'm so fed up with hearing stories of GPs who are so arrogant and think they are beyond the law.
  3. I am terrified about this, I cannot work I have severe social phobia and now I have ME and mitochondria illness, and I get breathless on exertion. and am exhausted all the time. I don't see any NHS GP as they completely traumatised me by putting me for years in counselling therapies and made me quite ill. and led to overdose of seroxat which left me damaged . The I was struck off. I would rather lose mine, than cope with this, I get lowest level and nothing for the physical aspects. This system is designed to make it more difficult for the most vulnerable people and it will be them who slip through the net, I already know others who this has happened too.
  4. I do not understand the hatred toward Dr Wakefield, all he actually said was that he believed there should be further research, he did not actually say MMR caused autism, just that it should be researched to see if there is a link. I agree with him, there should be research as to why some children became ill and lost skills after MMR vaccine
  5. But you shouldn't lose skills, many children lost skills after the MMR also many autistic children have been awarded in the US for MMR vaccine damage, such as Hannah Poling so it isn't safe for everyone
  6. Lets not forget that the parents of the children he was investigating all supported Dr Wakefield. My son went into a coma after his MMR vaccine, and I've also had serious bad reaction to seroxat so whether there is an underlying reason for why some people have reactions has not been proved yet but it does not mean there is not a reason for this. Both my sisters children both autistic also had bad reactions to the vaccine. All reactions are denied by NHS doctors and say it is proved there is no link but it has not been proved that it is safe, and thousands of children have been harmed by the vaccine. This just makes me feel so depressed, I would do anything to have a doctor who would listen to the symptoms you tell them and to something anything to help rather than go along with the status quo and block you from receiving any support or help. Even if they gave a reason but they do not, so I've had no choice but to do my own research As far as I'm concerned it has not been proved that this vaccine is safe and no explanation has ever been given for why my son and others went into a extreme fever, projectile vomiting, then a coma and within hours of having the vaccine then years later being diagnosed with autism
  7. It is a bit different for me than most here because when my son was diagnosed 12 years most professionals did not know what it was in the education and medical system and the diagnosis was given by paediatrician who clearly understood what it was but was reluctant to label due to predjudice the child would receive and did so in order to access the help he needed but he never got it because they didn't understand it, it was very frustrating and did a lot of damage as then he just got a whole bunch of predjdice, that made things worse. I think if he had got speech therapy at ayounger age such as 2 or 3 instead of insulting me and calling me an overanxious ambitious mother etc as they did not understand it, finally it was decided he severe language problems by the time he was 12, and I could not force him to have speech therapy at that age as they made him feel like c**p, had he had it younger maybe those problems would not have got worse but they did not know what semantic pragmatic disorder was. I used to work more than 20 years before I knew what autism was on sensory processing materials for montessori work,, I didn ot know my son had asd as Ihad nothing to compare until my second child, but I did a lot of work with him which I think masked the level of difficulties he actually had and we did our own speech therapy at age 3 and 4 for rewards etc. that is how he learnt to talk, he just learnt parrot style whole sentences as clear as day but meant nothing to him, so for many years it did mask the level of difficulty he was having, he was very distressed in school, it was awful and that was how I eventually worked out that there was something really not right as he regressed each year rather than improving. I think it is possible improve to a level where the difficulties are managed and no longer a problem but I think depending on type/level of difficulty some children may improve more than others, it depends how much other factors such as environmental causes or another reason are involved. I believe improvements will be most by trying and utilising all resources that are specific to you from sensory integration, cranialosteopathy, diet, etc. I guess everyone is different too
  8. That is true that people with mitochondrial diseases regress anyway that is because it is a metabolic disease and you are poisoned by everything including food as they can't metabolise properly and excrete wastes, also they cannot make energy from food, and of course the ingredients in the vaccines are going to be dangerous for this group of people. So they are not safe for everyone. Not everyone with mitochondrial disease has autism, but you do get eventual organ failure and that can affect the brain, nervous system, liver kidneys endocrine system, etc etc. I have just been diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease.
  9. Hi you might find this book of help about aspergers in girls, it can (but not always)present very differently in girls to the stereotypical male that people associate with aspergers. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aspergers-Girls-To...6306&sr=8-1 and another one for younger girls http://www.amazon.co.uk/Girls-Under-Umbrel...6527&sr=8-2
  10. Hi Karen I'm very sorry about your brother, that must have been very traumatic for you and your family, I agree in that case and others there are quite a few children who commit suicide at GCSE's someone I was at school with someone who did too. Yes and this particular case is isolated as far as i'm aware but it wasn't reported in a way to attempt to influence others, it was reported as she was mentally ill person who believed her child was harmed by MMR because she was delusional, that is the bit that influences others as far I can see, I believe that too when I first heard it. I was shocked when I found out the truth from someone who knew her on another forum. The only person it influenced was me and perhaps a few others who share the same view, but it didn't influence the majority who believe the reporting of the mainstream media. I attempted suicide about 9 years ago,as I couldn't cope, and I was also experiecing side effects from seroxat that got worse and worse, and the same kind of thing was done to me, which is why I know it goes on. I was stitched up and records were covered up, to complicated to go into full details here, it was bizarre, and complex. I was struck off, my gp list by another gp after suicide attempt in order to deflect from his abusive attitude toward me and in order to deflect from his own behavior to stitch up the helpful gp, I think he was hoping this would cause such distress that I would do it again so he could stitch the other one up well and truly, as I got aletter saying we had an inappropriate relationship and he had decided it could not continue, he did not explain what this inappropriate relationship was, I think he was so angry he felt anyone who wanted to help that was inappropriate, so the other one ended up having to resign, I was so distressed that I nearly did do it again, but then that would have given the other one "proof" of the inappropriate relationship so he could pin it on the other one, so I refused to play into his handsit was appalling, terribly distressing to realise they will do this stuff to you in order to cover up and it also succeeded in deflecting from harm done to me, from over dose of seroxat, after I was not able to control direction or speed of gross motor control when i tired tomove I would go flying across the room, when I had a drink it would go fast over my shoulder instead of mouth. It blew my pupil put me in coma, the A&E doctor told my partner I'd got some brain damage, and since then I've not been able to organise I've lost 30 points of IQ,my memory is so bad, I can't go anywhere because I get lost, I can't answer a phone, it has become difficult to distiguish the milder type Asperger type symptoms I had before and the problems since seroxat, as they are similar but Ihave far more difficulties now since seroxat than before. I wasn't able tolook after my asd son after, which I had done before and he even ended up mentally ill on the streets for two years at 16, amixture of trauma from what had happend to me and also as he could not get benefits, and I could not cope with his violence, which started after seroxat, he never spoke to me again after that, as he said once I didn't care about him, no one would help, I begged everyone the NAS, doctors social workers etc but our MP eventually helped and my ex partner then had to fight on discrimination grounds as they wanted to stick in a home for problem kids that would have finished him off, he eventually got a bedsit and is now after a long time and lot of the right kind of support for him, which means allowing his idiosycracies, from my expartner is able to work and even pay his rent, his motivation though was that he didn't want to end up like me, who he sees as a complete loser. He really only remembers his childhood from age 12 when I had suicide attempt and no longer coped,he has no recollection of the good times. He has very little verbal ability so is more autistic than aspergers That is why I feel so strongly because 2 severe reactions to pharma in one family, and there is no acknowledgment of these things doing harm to people. I'vehad no support or acknowledgement whatsoever from medical people, it took me a year to get off seroxat, with severe withdrawal effects, 5 years later I was even given seroxat again, and it had what is known as kindling affect and had severe reaction and seizure within hour of first tablet, when I told psych he just reccommended a higher dose and ignored the reactions I'd been experiencing
  11. Thank you Cat. MY partner told me I misinterpreted the info he gave me there isn't 1300 cases waiting to be heard but 1300 cases have already been awarded to autistic kids harmed by MMR there are thousands more already filed waiting to be heard, the word autism has to be avoided in order to be heard even though they are autistic. http://actionforautism.co.uk/2009/03/01/rf...-vaccine-court/ http://www.vueweekly.com/article.php?id=11292
  12. Hi Pippin, I think you should say what you think. Do you not think it is strange it has not been reproted in the media, smells of not putting out info into the public domain to me, another child has just been awarded on same grounds and there are another 1300 exact same cases waiting to be heard. The childs father is neurologist and mother nurse and lawyer, they had the money and knowledge to win the case unlike the rest of us. My son also went into coma after MMR, I can't say for certain in his case it caused his autism as I know all autism is not caused by MMR, on the other hand I don't believe this poison with mercury formaldehyde and aluminum as a list of ingredients is safe.
  13. I understand what you are saying, but a child with measles would not be at nursery. There are lots of things you can do to build natural immunity, homeopathy remedies work well, in fact vaccination was originally based on homeopathy,not to mention healthy diet high fruit and veg for vitamin C etc. It is my opinion because of what I've experienced and witnessed that it is not safe for some children and it is not always possible to know who it is safe for, but if you have allergies or bad reactions to things then you will be likely in this group, some people that have reacted badly to vaccines or other pharmaceuticals have undiagnosed mitochondrial diseases, which is a rare neurological disease. I've just discovered I've got one. The substances do not get metabolised either because of damaged mitochondria, or because substances have damage mitochondrial functioning. Mitochondria disease kills you eventually with multiple organ failure. Some children if they have this may die may die on an MMR jab, or if they contracted measles, hopefully if it is diagnosed, they would not be given the jab anyway, but there are very few specialists who diagnose, and they ususally only get diagnosed if they are on life support of some sort, as at this point it has become obvious that they are severely affected. At the end of the day, we all have different opinons and views on it and I don't think much is going to change what those are. I really wish that people would be taken seriously when they say there child had severe reactions after MMR, and that it would be investigated before stating it is safe. One poor woman whose child disability started after MMR, she was treated as psychiatric which then tipped her over and she killed herself and her child, some people think it is proof she was psychiatric and others believe she cracked up over her child being harmed by MMR, it is enough to make you crack up.. I would only have vaccination if Ihad another child if they could guarantee 100% that there would be no adverse reaction and they can't guarantee that. It is even on their own literature on side effects that it can cause death if your child is not 100% well at the time of vaccination
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