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  1. We took the other approach and went to the disagreement resolution meeting. We put the Code of Practice visibly on the table. Aafterwards,we still decided to continue to tribunal. The LA conceded at the last minute. xx
  2. My LA conceded on a Friday when the tribunal would have been on the following Monday. xx
  3. I've got a tribunal date of 20th April.As yet,the LEA are showing themselves to be less than helpful.xx
  4. Also because our children can be matter of fact,he may have just been saying out loud what he saw, ie.'your skin is a different colour'. I would have thought that he was unlikely to understand what racism is.xx
  5. Welcome back,Sarah.We've met elsewhere in cyber space.xx
  6. Brilliant that he enjoyed it so much.xx
  7. Not quite.If you have higher rate care component,mobility can be considered from age 3.xx
  8. I think the best thing to do is to take the emotion out of the statement.He probably sees it as a solution to getting his PS back,rather than the implications of what the words mean. I say this because my 9yo sees himself being dead as a solution to always feeling worried.xx
  9. I am sure that the Code of Practice states that all paperwork should be received at least 2 weeks before the annual review.You should have copies of everything. Unfortunately,I'm not sure where I've put my copy so I can't quote chapter and verse.xx
  10. Good for you both in sticking up for our vulnerable children.I'm so lucky in that my son's driver is employed by the special school.He's brilliant with the children because he has a brother with learning difficulties and he treats the children with respect and humour.xx
  11. Perhaps it's worth phoning Scouting headquarters.They might know of a more disability friendly group.The Scout group that my son went to bent over backwards.we all agreed that camp would be too much for him but they want him to go for the whole day on the mian day they are away,xx
  12. My dd has a DSA for her dyslexia and has been given lots of sofyware and computer and tutorials.The LEA are paying out almost �5000.xx
  13. You fight them.I had a similar aituation last year and told them that my son would only move schools over my dead body. This year at the annual review they told me to start viewing special secondary schools to make my intentions known at the year 5 annual review.Such a change from the previous year!!xx
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