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  1. LKS

    Yr 6/7 transition

    Thanks all <'> I don't know why primary are being like this but I expect its something to do with secondary asking one of dd's LSAs to come along with her on a visit. I did originally ask primary for a timetable of yr 6 events but they 'forgot' to tell me about the visitor coming into school to show some animals, wasn't on any newsletter either. But you are right I shall bypass primary as I suspected I would have to do all along. Funny but in the last primary governers meeting the senco was asked what transition plans had been made for the children with SEN in the minutes she says that all transition plans are in place whatever that means. I feel really bad that I haven't pushed for this more.
  2. LKS

    Yr 6/7 transition

    I know there have been many threads in the past about transition to secondary and how it can go well with the right input but I am beginning to panic now. Dd will be gong to secondary in Sept. Local mainstream but with a good SEN dept. She has a statement for 25 hours 1:1 support per week. I have been in contact regularly with the senco at secondary school who is more than willing for dd to visit how many times she wants. But the primary are being awkward. First they want dd to go over with a group of 12 pupils who they think will benefit from these visits. Secondary want to see dd by herself at first or at least with a friend she has chosen. (they want to concentrate specifically on dd at first) The specialist teacher for ASD is supposed to liase between the schools and have a transition plan in place, she has asked me too contact secondary directly myself to arrange visits. Well I can do that and did but the time we worked out was then not a good time for primary and dd was due to miss something that she was looking forward to. Obviously yr 6 is a busy time with lots going on but I feel primary are being particulalry awkward because we are saying that dd should visit by herself at first and this has 'spoiled' their plans. I sent an e-mail to primary senco who said she had contacted secondary to arrange visits after half term, forwarded this to secondary who said that she had not been contacted by phone or e-mail. Dd is likely to have problems transferring and I can't believe they have left it this late and I am doing all of the chasing. Secondary have also said they are against large groups of SEN pupils visiting at the same time as then you are presuming they will all have the same problems and they are 'lumped' together from beginning.
  3. LKS

    optional sats

    Hi BusyLizzie I am also having trouble with the school and optional SATS. Dd is in yr 6 and they decided that she should have a go at the English and Science as she seemed to be working at a secure level 3. Dd seemed quite happy with this and was taken into a room with her L.S.A. no pressure but she had a bit of a meltdown with the English because she has been used to feedback and gentle prompting by staff all the year, this time she was on her own and she struggled. In maths she had been given the 2007 maths papers to try, she got 4 out of 40 on the first and 6 out of 40 on the 2nd which is obviously not enough to give her any level, but to me shows how much she is behind the rest of her peers. So what they did was give her an optional SATS paper from yr 2 which apparently she got a 2b. Now to me this shows she is working at the level of an average 7 year old so seems a bit pointless to me. I much prefer the TA which at least shows me where her difficulties lie
  4. I think a little call/e-mail to the admissions team is called for here and point out to them that the admissions criteria published on the schools website is not the same as the criteria published in the official starting secondary school in ***** 2008. Maybe our local rag would be interested as well he he.
  5. Hi PSA how are you. My dd brought her applying for secondary school package home today, have looked through the criteria for school you are interested in, it says Criterion i children who have a brother or sister as a student at *** at the date of application. Parents are required to provide on the application form sufficient details of the brother or sister (who forms the basis of the application under this criterion) to enable governors to satisfy themselves that a valid qualifying relationship exists. It also goes on to say that you must send the applications officer a full version of the birth certificate of the brother or sister already at the school. I have looked very carefully through the info and can't see anything about siblings of students that got a place because they are statmented being excluded from the sibling rule. (Was the info you saw on their website?) I also saw for their 181 places they had 1154 applications last year. Hope some of this helps and good luck. Haven't got a clue what I'm going to do about my dd yet. The LA as usual have been their usual helpful self.
  6. J's mum. It is interesting to know what the LA actually consider to be independent advice. Is it any advice that doesn't come from someone within the authority, or just advice that parents have been forced into paying for My LA have not included anything from the report for my dd from GOSH, although they said of course they will 'take on board' any advice supplied, they must be guided by the SaLT from our authority! BUT my dd is under the care of GOSH because she was referred there by professionals from our authority who needed their input. Dd is due to go to secondary school 2008. We recently started to 'do the rounds' of some schools. She went to spend a day at a specialist school for language and communication disorder and ASD. Again staff there did some very thorough assessments on her (including head of SaLT). I submitted their report for everyone to see at dd's yr 5 transition annual review. The LA SaLT turned round to me and said 'Oh well they are bound to say those things because they want your dd at their school'. I could have bopped her one I was so so angry. I have complained about her to her line manager, but we are stuck as she is the only SaLT working with children in mainstream schools. So you can imagine what our relationship is like now!
  7. Hi BL, been reading about whats been happening (or not!) with your SaLT with interest. I have much the same problem. Dd's statement says 2 visits termly from LA SaLT. SaLT says she is making great progress and no longer meets the criteria to receive therapy (this despite dd still being on the 1st percentile in several tests) SaLT has so far refused to send me a copy of 'the criteria' for therapy, SaLT is discharging her. Dd has extensive tests and investigations at Great Ormond Street Hospital. They say she has a significant SPLC disorder as well as an ASD and will continue to need SaLT. LA therapist disagrees and says her language is what you would expect with a child with an MLD she says she will not be told by 'outside' people her job. These outside people include a professor with years of experience in dealing with children with dd's condition. The HT writes to the LA expressing the concerns of the school, LA write back and say if the school and parents believe dd still requires SaLT it is up to us to sort it out! So at the moment we have SaLT on the statement, an LA who seems to think it is nothing to do with them, a therapist who is having a hissy fit, cos she don't know what she is doing and L.S.As using a programme of support for dd that is now out of date and the targets of which have been met ages ago. I wish you lots of success with this BL, really hope you sort it out, I am completely worn out with it.
  8. Hi Karen. I had the same problem with my ds when he was in yr 6. As he was academically able the L.S.A. was used elsewhere. (academic things were the least of his problems) I wouldn't have minded so much if the support was still actually in the same class as there is a valid point I suppose of seeing if the child can work more independantly as they get older. However not only was the LSA not even in his class, or outside, or even with another class in his yr, she was in a totally different part of the building. I first wrote to the head asking him to detail exactly when and where the support was for ds. He replied with the classic comment, 'because the statement says 15 hours of LSA support every week, this doesn't mean we have to give 15 hours each and every week'. What he had detailed came to about 8!!! This was in the days where the school got those 15 hours funded directly from the LA. I then spoke to the SN office at the LA and she said amongst other things that 'I should let the school get on with educating my son' I downloaded the letter from the IPSEA site and sent it off straight away recorded delivery to the LA. Quite why I had to go through so much hassle to get the support that was detailed in ds's statement I don't know. The L.S.A. was then back in his class and working with him on social skills and anxieties etc.
  9. Hi PSA how are you. Strange that isn't it the LA pushing THAT school, wonder why. I have a few others to see still. How is your boy getting on, would be really interested to hear.
  10. LKS

    Baby Jesse is home!

    Hi Loulou so glad to hear he's home he is absolutely smashing <'>
  11. Hi jomica I am currently doing the rounds of secondary schools and to be quite honest it is doing my head in !!! The local SEN secondary school has just undergone redesignation and now takes a huge range of needs up to the age of 19. Plus points small classes and suitably modified curriculum minus points the range of the needs that staff will be dealing with now. I have been to see 4 secondaries all of whom gave a good talk but most of them are huge, possibility that dd will go to one of these with no friends at all. Dd's greatest needs now seem to be language and communication and that she has an MLD. I can't at the moment see how any schools I have visited will deal with this, and even widening my net to adjoining boroughs I seem to have hit the same problem. I have visited a mainstream with a SRP for communication. The unit was OK the rest of the school was dire. Noisy, rude kids with bad attitude! I have another mainstream to visit with a SRP of which annie will no doubt share her joyful experiences with me (thanks annie) Our transition review is at the end of April and I am beginning to get a bit desparate.
  12. Hi Jomica, my ds has used an Alphasmart for about 4 yrs now. He is in yr 8 and currently uses a neo. Have to agree with the others in that only being able to see several lines of your typed work at a time is really frustrating. In fact this was such a problem for ds in yr 6 SATs that he had to do them on a PC. The benefits I suppose of the Alphasmart is that it is light and quite strong and I think it comes with a KAZ typing programme. I have been pushing for a laptop for ds for several years because it is not just his writing but charts, diagrams, and maths that causes him problems and this gets worse and worse the older he gets and the more difficult the work becomes. So far the school are not keen as they say there could be problems with a laptop being stolen
  13. Hi annie guess what school the LA are recommending would be a good one for dd to attend. I'm sure you will be able to give me your thoughts on that They are saying pupils are expected to spend about 20% of their time in the units and the rest in mainstream. But of course all of the teachers have a very good understanding of all of the pupils and their needs. Hope you are O.K.
  14. LKS

    Alphasmart and SATS

    Hi Karen A my ds is now in yr 8 but used an alpha smart from yr 4 in primary. However he actually used a PC for his yr 6 SATS. The reason for this being, that as you probably know, the alpha smart shows a limited amount of the typed text on the screen and he found this quite time consuming scrolling up and down checking what he had typed. All I remember is that the senco had to apply by a certain time for 'permission' for him to use a PC, and it had to be shown that this was his usual and regular way of completing work. HTH
  15. LKS

    news from Loulou

    Hi Loulou congrats to you all well done My eldest son was born 6 weeks early but weighed 5pounds 14oz. God knows how big he would have got if he had gone full term. Its a funny old feeling coming out of a hospital with no baby at first. I remember walking round Sainsburys a couple of days after and thinking no one would know I have just had a baby (Who was I kidding!) Get some rest and take care of yourself and I hope baby Jesse is out very soon. Hope K is feeling more settled now.
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