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Found 2 results

  1. What do you think of Internet 'Clowns' or 'Idiots', such as Chris Chan? Don't you think that it is funny that so many of them a) have some form of Autism are American c) live with there parent(s) and d) are obsessed with video games, cartoons and sex? Just wondering.
  2. Whenever I look back at an old story or post I wrote in years past, I shudder and how immature and inexperienced I was in using the internet (I did not begin using it until 2009/2010) I was back then, and how close I came to getting badly trolled, just like a UK Chris Chan, only a lot less 'crazy'. The reason why I did not have access to the Net, until then (barring the library and school) was because the owners of the group home which I resided in from when I left home in very late 2000 in until early 2009 (I only stayed there that long because I assumed that it was a case of being in a care home or living on the streets) was because the home did not allow Internet access for fear that some of us (myself not included) would start looking for child porn! When I started using internet forums and posting stories on DeviantART at first I must confess to posting some somewhat (when I look back on them) embarrassing posts, where I expressed outdated views about women and low functioning Autistics (views which I no longer hold) which I gleaned from living a a group home which had a number of 'bad girls' and people who had low functioning Autism as residents, Yes I know that terms like LFA and the like, aren't always used now (or so it seems) but I'm only using them to get my point across... Also I posted a number of somewhat absurd and embarrassing stories, where I expressed my views about the way I felt (back then) women should act and look, plus my hatred for the rat race, which while my views are greatly softened regarding it, there is still a part of me which feels that it is somewhat wrong... I could go on and on about how poor my spelling was before I found an internet program which had a spell checker, or of some oof the drama I got myself into back in the day or even my (somewhat) more recent attempts at comedy on YouTube, which I took down to avoid getting trolled, but then I'd be here all day and as I type it's getting late plus I am very VERY tired. So I'll leave you now with one question... Is there anything out there on the net, which you felt at the time was the best thing ever, but now cringe in horror whenever you see it? PS Links are NOT required or requested as I'm sure that we are VERY embarrassed about our old stuff
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