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Found 2 results

  1. hello all i am jonny azrim i feel like a child trapped in an adults body I have Aspergers syndrome and lots of different learning difficulties and epilepsy and i need help finding out why i'm so childish. I have other disabilities to but i will mention them if and when they become necessary. (tw abuse in following paragraph) my name is jonathon mirza a name i do not like because the so called father gave me the last name and daddy was abusive and mommy adopted me from their foster child, a girl who was rapped by daddy. I never met my real mommy but my adopted mother is in hospital and her dementia is getting worse and she could never understand my problems in the past or help me she certainly cant now. I am 30 years old and I do not feel like an adult. (end of tw) I feel somewear between 6 years of age and 8 years of age so I say 7 and the name Jonny Azrim is the name I go by as it is the name i feel suits me on the inside and suits my restrictions due to disabilities. I am unable to work because of the combination of Dyscalculia, Epilepsy and Aspergers, but worse after 7 years of trying to get a basic maths qualification I only went from entry level 3 up to entry level 2 (special needs grades). In GCSES I was predicted an F in maths, I did not have any clue what the questions ment when the teacher gave me the paper or what the teacher was trying to teach in maths class. I paid attention but could not understand the most basic things, I could not read a clock till I was in my mid 20s and i still have no concept of the passage of time. I guessed my way through the maths paper in the GCSES as I felt I had to fill it in and I got an E. Every course at university and nearly every course at college requires a C or above in maths and that said I failed education. By the time I realised the truth I was 28 by the time I accepted it I was 30. I just gave up. as a kid I do not see the point in education when you have no hope in the world of doing anything with any kind of education beyond what you can learn of the internet and films and discovery channel. I taught myself to play piano using youtube. these days I mostly spend my time on neopets and watching disney films and cartoons while coloring in drawings i drawed. I keep pooh close to me at all times as he is my teddy and I have buzz lightyear pajamas and i am going to build buzz a fort and 1 for pooh as well so pooh and buzz can have the mostist besttist epictist of battles. I use my laptop for a night light i always have and will continue to do so till i get moved to this supported living place and I can buy myself a night light and some woody bedsheets. right any questions just ask I am going to hunt for that board and capture it so I can post the question I came here for. and if anyone has any info any of these just let me know I Feel Like A Child Syndrome Peter Pan Syndrome
  2. I was falsely diagnosed with adhd at 6 but i new something was building up before i was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome at 18 when i was 13 now a long long long long long long time ago i had a staqtus epilepticus and the aspergers wish had been deteriatin since i was 18 sudenly became late onset regresive autism and acording to the dr at the hospital it is combined wiv peter pan syndrome so i have the worsed and best part of asd worsed cause i never goin to be out of pads now because of ibs and epilepsy combination best because i a have a childhood back that i never had in first place but i cant grow up anymor now ever were progress happens in the peter pan syndrome the autism conteracts and vis versa mentaly i 7 I now in care home for rest of my life
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