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Found 7 results

  1. shinobi

    New member

    Hello there, my name is Alan and I was diagnosed with ASD at a very young age. I used to be a mute Autistic and didn't begin talking until I was four or five years old. I know sign language as I was taught it because people thought I was deaf. I also have learning disabilities and mental health issues. My hobbies and interests are video games, manga/anime and computers. I want to make friends with other Autistic people.
  2. Hi All Just thought id say hello. I am new to this forum - well any forum really so not quite sure what im doing. I have an 11 year old son with Aspergers, Autism, Dypraxia, Dylexia and ADHD. I just wanted to say hi for now. I do have aa few questions but ill ask them a bit later on
  3. Mikecunniffe


    Hello everybody in the same boat as each other, i have just board this friendly boat in a hope to boast my confidence and morale by making some new friends who share the same interest and similar conditions as me. My name is mike and i currently working on a rolling temporary contract working in like pool staff covering the hospital admin needs. I have a main interest in changing the world and traveling. I'm currently going through what i call periods, it where i go for long stretch feeling low and struggling to make friends and fit in. I have and all my life getting lifelong conditions, currently i have Autism, Dyspraxia, Learning Difficulties and getting investigated for rheumatology problems due to my height. I hope to make some new friends and hopefully sometime get some love back in my life. Chaw Mike
  4. Hi - I'm Chris - I'm 45 and I found out a couple of years ago that there is a very good chance I have Asperger's. I am still waiting for formal assessment, (2 years, now) and in that time my confidence has been very up and down. It's currently rock bottom. The situation I'm in is almost laughable, and a consequence of my utter uselessness at making proper choices for myself. On the one hand, it was wonderful, initially, to know that there was an alternative to my lifetime's default self assessment of 'tactless, stupid, self-important and self-centered'. But now the novelty of that revelation has worn off, and I feel utterly confused and trapped. Frustration and depression are again taking over, and I am compelled to seek advice/understanding from elsewhere. Sound familiar to anyone?
  5. Just found this site it's very useful, so I thought I'd come and introduce "us" We're in Oxfordshire (anyone else around this area?), but recently relocated from the Netherlands. I'm English, OH is Dutch. My DS, nickname Pootle (8), is the only one with an official Aspergers diagnosis, but I'm utterly convinced that I have Aspergers and strongly suspect my OH of having it too (he admits he has ASD/Asperger tendencies). The jury is out on DD (6), we've been advised by psychiatrists who have watched her interacting with Pootle that she displays some Aspie traits and behaviours, but she seems to be doing OK at school both academically and socially so we're not concerned. Pootle is a very intelligent lad with a gifted IQ, he knows and understands to some extent, about his Aspergers and we've always tried to make it into a positive thing. People that make the effort to know him describe him as sensitive and a lovely child, but he's often judged on first impressions, which are sometimes not very positive if he is stimming, or having a meltdown . He knows that his brain works in different ways than most NT's and that he can use that to his advantage in life. It breaks my heart when he tells me that it is so busy and noisy in his head the whole time, I get this too and after a completely awful last year I'm currently getting into meditation/mindfulness with the hope of trying Pootle with it if it helps me). Unfortunately Pootle struggles at school, he desperately wants friends, but finds it very hard. His year group are very good with him (girls especially) and seem to make allowances for his Aspergers, but other kids don't understand his behaviours (stimming, lack of social cues etc) and he gets teased and bullied, which usually lands him in a heap of trouble by the way he reacts to it . His last teacher had an excellent rapport with him, and despite the school dragging its heels, his teacher took his own initiative and made some headway. The school SENco is busy with Pootle and an autistic services co ordinator has come in several times and offered some tips, which Pootle found mainly insulting ("babyish" cards to hand to teachers telling them he was about to have a meltdown and needed to be excused). I'm still busy trying to get he best help for him. If Pootle could he would escape into Minecraft, and similar games 24/7 on his ipad, in fact it's a bit of a problem, and seems to lead to many meltdowns. Meltdowns can be a big problem, I am never sure how best to help him, and he can be quite physical and cause pain (he's very tall and quite strong for his age and has floored me a couple times) Pootle has quite a few issues with sensory overloads, as well as labels etc - he can't cope with situations like the lunch hall and he finds a busy classroom quite challenging too. In additional he has poor motor skills, which makes sports hard (boy can he run though!), and sleep issues (requires very little sleep/has difficulty dropping off). Hoping to be able to get some good info here, and help others Dr. G-nome
  6. hello im simon im also new, i dont have a diagnosis but all my scores on tests have shown 99% possiblity. i have been, in my opinion wrongly, diagnosed as schizoid personality. this is an opinion of "professionals", cant wait for the brain scan thing to become available. if i had a diagnosis i think my life would be a little easier. im 32 and have been struggling all my life. i have been able to gain employment without too much fuss though i struggle to keep it. im trying to complete a level 3 course in electronic engineering and i want to start an hnc. it costs alot but may give me the opportunity to move into a better job. recently things have been going down hill, although that is not new. i have been getting worse for a long time. i have no enthusiasm, motivation or confidence. im always getting stuck in a situation i cant emotionally handle. i dont sleep most nights as i worry about work and the situations there. i dont really have any friends as the social aspect winds me up, i feel i can be there for support and basic conversation but i find it difficult to laugh or make a joke. or one they may find funny. recently had some more road rage, some guy tried cutting me off. he actually tried to slow me down, he stopped on the roundabout and got out of his car shouting "oi, come here" (with absenities). i drove onto the roundabout, he followed and again cut in front of me, i managed to get away. then, a little later in the day i got some abuse from some other guy. for some reason i tend to get alot of insults from people. i try to dress neatly and in some kind of fashion.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Wordsmith - or Lydia in real life. I was diagnosed with Asperger's about 27 days ago, and I'm really glad to know what's wrong. I have almost all the symptoms, and right now my dad and his friend are talking so loudly in the garden that my hypersensitivity is causing me to want to kill someone (not quite) Anyway, I hope I can make some new friends! Wordsmith xxx
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