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Found 2 results

  1. I'm 26, suffer with adhd, aspergers, depression and have severe social anxiety. In 2019 I left my ex wife with whom I had a daughter, the relationship was very toxic, she was very manipulative and controlling and having had counceling I now realise she was "gaslighting". I have always suffered with social anxiety but since being with my ex wife it has become a lot worse and makes it incredibly hard to build and maintain relationships including friends/family etc. I have recently entered a new relationship now I feel comfortable enough to move on, we're taking it very slowly and have been dating since november 2020. Yesterday I met her mum for the first time, but due to social anxiety I could barely engage in any conversation. I'm trying hard to be confident, be myself and not let social anxiety control and define me but I'm scared that it will ruin our relationship in the long term. This is obviously not what I want, I'm trying to help myself but need some guidance. Can anyone suggest anything I can try?
  2. -What are the experiences of sexuality and relationships that are unique to all individuals with Aspergers and ASD? -How have these experiences worked to shape and develop your sense of self, sexual orientation, and gender identity? Researchers at Deakin University are looking to learn more about the experiences, concerns and positive factors that males, females, and non-binary genders on the spectrum face as they approach young adulthood, and pursue the romantic and sexual life that best meets their wants and needs. It is hoped that with greater understanding, findings can work to inform parents, partners, and supporters of ASD of the many factors that are important to those with ASD, while enhancing sexuality support services and programs tailored to specifically address the issues and concerns that are expressed by this unique group. If you are aged 12 years or above, and would like to share your thoughts, we would be most grateful if you would take 25-35 minutes of your time to complete this anonymous questionnaire: http://psych.hosted-sites.deakin.edu.au/sbs/ We very much appreciate you taking the time to consider the research, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the research.
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