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i need stronger antidepressants

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im on 40 mg a day,was 20m,feel i need more to get me through this whats going on,i just sat on the bench in the cemetery yesterday and felt peaceful,thats not meant to mean i feel suicidal cos i dont i just needed some peace,maybe anti ds will cut me off from it all,so i dont feel so stressed all the time,dont know how much more i can take of this

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Oh Hev love >:D<<'> . You're having a rotten time of late and I would take any help that is of benefit and offered to you whether that be going to the doctors, counselling, alternative therapy or even ranting and offloading on the forum :angry: Take care



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:(:tearful: Hun, you are such a strong person >:D<<'> don't forget that.

BUT, if you feel like to really can't get through this - then get yourself to the GP - i don't know if different type of anti'd / different dosage will be the answer.... But, trying to struggle along isn't the answer.


>:D<<'> >:D<<'> >:D<<'> >:D<<'>

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Not surprised everything getting to you.

Speak to your GP tomorrow and see what options they can come up with to help you. Antidepressants are obviously a quick fix, which maybe you need right now to get you through all whats been going on. If they offer counselling try to find out how long the waiting list is I've been waiting months. Maybe a different type of antidepressant might give you the boost you need if you have been taking yours a long, while upping the dose may not make much difference or make you worse. My dose was upped a couple of months again and during a row with my husband at the weekend he said "trouble with you is that you are drugged up to the eye balls and have lost your fight and spirit" :hypno: , I was pretty shocked, but thought at least I feel better in myself for bit rather than on the edge all the time.

Hope your GP helps.

Clare x >:D<<'> >:D<<'> >:D<<'>

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oh hev its not you who needs the anti ds its the ###### system,


they will insist on chucking millions on drugs but nothing in the pot to support you practically,


what you need is some support with S, and your made to hang on and on, its not fair what the ss are doing,


I would say if you needed a quiet place to sit then thats good that you searched for that,


I recommend that you look into buddism, they have some nice gardens to just sit in, I stayed in a budist centre for my birthday once and its really peaceful.


meditation may also help you detatch for a little while from our scary systems, better than drugs any day.


have you contacted any of these for instant emotional support.


carers centre

contact a family, I just recieved some booklets and brilliant, they have family support workers in some parts of the uk.

parent to parent NAS helpline



like others have said though if your in any daughts of how deeply you are feeling then dont hesitate to call the gp and you know we are here if you need someone to talk to.



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