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SEN education in this country is a disgrace..

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My ds2 with dx of ASD/ADHD,social communication and moderate learning difficulties has just been turned down for an assesment for statementing.They called to tell me this is due to the school coping and maybe social services could help.(hence being angry).

I phoned GOSH to see if they could do an iq test and explained why,which they going to try and arrange if the local team cant.They were shocked that he didnt get an assesment.

What do you all think? He is pscales 7/8 and level one for maths.He is still two years behind regarding speech and as had salt for nearly seven years now.This hasnt changed for nearly three years.

I phoned the LEA this morning and was on there for best part of the morning.I reeled of the above and said what does meet your criteria then.

They replied with the school has not submitted evidence regarding steragies dispite that they do have it. It is because the school yet again has messed up.(this is the third time within the year). The sch head/senco has not submitted evidence just a report.Although she has the evidence.1:1, small group sessions,the outreach service,izzy wizzy club the list goes on.

I moved my son from another school in reception to a schs lack of sen policy/help and complained from the board of governers,mp.kcc education minster,ruth kelly and ombisman.Which i told the LEA this morning.They said ds2 did meet the criteria but due to the sch they had to turn him down. BUT they will try and sort this out before it goes to appeal.(i said i would go to appeal) Im going to complain regarding the sch and again write to the education minister as this is the second sch that has done this to my son and im sick of it.

I had to fight for his DLA,took three appeals and the third appeal in person they said sorry and backdated it for the year.I also said this to the LEA. I also told them what i thought of their

pre school service and that this should of been sorted out years ago.The LEA are sending me all copies of meetings and what the school have sent in and they are going to hold a mulitagency meeting.

They are also going to ask GOSH. for advice on what DS2 will need throughout his schoollife.

I told the LEA i wont be nicey nicey with the head/senco on monday like i have been for two and half years now and will be stark with her and try and get this mess sorted out. The SEN in the mainstream schs make me so angry.

I feel like turning up at parliment and saying how disgraceful this all is and how many loops do our children have to jump through before receiving the help they are entittled to.

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:angry: It makes me sooo mad.


I had exactly the same thing two years ago. In our case though the school HADN'T explored every avenue of help, and I realised until this was done there was no point in appealing. He now has a statement after everything was tried but I'm going to tribunal because the statement is rubbish.


If you have documented evidence that the school have given SA+ a fair chance, then you must appeal the decision not to assess your son. You have nothing to lose by appealing, and there is every chance that the LEA would back down before it got that far.


Use your angry energy to put your efforts into appealing to SENDIST. I too have felt like knocking on number 10, but it's a waste of time and energy; there are avenues open to you now and you must persue them. Once you have the letter from the LEA turning your son down for stat ass, then get the forms off to SENDIST.


Flora x

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