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Dr who linked MMR to autism charged

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Dr `Wakefields response to allegations is here http://www.cryshame.org/


All Dr Wakefield ever did was as a gastroenterologist found that some children with certain developmental disorders had the measles virus in the gut and all he ever said was that it needed investigating, to see if there was a link he never actually said MMR caused autism, I don't really understand what appears to be a witchhunt to me.


What I find interesting is that all 12 parents of the children that were patients of andrew wakefield that sparked this are all supportive of Dr`Andrew Wakefield. Also my son went into a coma within hours of his MMR , I don't think it is safe for some children. I think there should be an investigation into why many children appear to have been harmed by it, it is very traumatic to hve your child go through this.


Hanah Poling parents have now been compensation proving the vaccine caused her autism due to an undiagnosed mitochondria disease which meant she could not metabolise it. Interestingly her father is a neurologist and her mother a nurse. Another case has also been won recently, so it is linked to some children's autism thenhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/robert-f-ken...a_b_169673.html

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