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therapy buddy

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hi everyone i dont post much but i am on here all the time, my daughter who is 8 and had her dx when she was 3, i have just bought her a therapy buddy from usa me and my husband saw them on tv i think it was called american inventor something like that ours in the uk is called the lions den this guy came on with these little blue doll who are soft and squashy and if you press their foot it tells you everything is going to be all right my husband thought one would be ideal for our daughter as she gets so upset and stressed , she loves it we bought the big one and the baby buddy she takes the baby buddy everywhere i just wanted to let you know about them i know they are not for everyone but we have found it a great help for calming our daughter down. jenny xxxx







I have Edited the web address included on the post in line with Forum rules as it would be considered a commercial web site promoting the product.

Please pm Jenny for more information.Regards Karen.

Edited by Karen A
Moderator input.

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