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rainbow queen

im still about ....

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just dropping a line to say hi guys

im still around -i read the board most days ect even though i havnt posted in while

hope everyone is ok


things had calmed down a bit for me and my son when he was percsribed melatonin and through out last year with help of great teacher



things are going back down hill again-sept went into year 3...more work/not keen on teacher/no friends/feeling different/

having lots anger issues again at home...even i think some depression now-as hes started saying the odd things like not bothered if cars hit him in road ect ect ----i have heard others mention these things on here before-hes 7 now so maybe all the negatives and frustration is coming out...also caught him hitting himself .

camhs said they would be intouch after oct half term and with school -of course as ever been our case school thinks hes managing fine.....................i guess i should start listing stuff again to take along with me when appointment comes through.


the other problems are constant arguing back/wineing and wailing on and on and on/not wanting to do anything basicly unless hes at control of it/ruining everything me and my other son attempt to do /unhappy leaving house/unhappy staying in -CANT WIN SITUATION all the time somehow-grinds you down :(


anyway sorry this has turned into a moaning thread

thats where i am...............at present....


regrads RQxxxx >:D<<'>

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Hi, nice to have an update, like most of us, me included, we post when things are tough, the rest of the time we read the boards, sorry to hear things arnt going so well, remember its just a phase, nothing lasts for ever, and a day at a time, trite I know, but when I have been at a really low ebb, I have found it helps, specially the day at a time! take care .Enid

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Hey Rainbow Queen,

nice to 'see' you again, hope your little guy starts to feel more at ease in himself soon- it's such a difficult stage/phase, I can only sympathise and pass a >:D<<'> your way.


Esther x

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Hi Rainbow queen, I have the same difficulties with Jay, too, going out is really hard.



we do however use sequencing cue cards, it kind of helps him understand the order of the day.


Its like a routine but enphasis on the indiviual steps, all supported by viual aids, we use a combination of spider graphs and similair formats, its like helping the brain map the route.


We keep a calander, and have a daily day tick chart, this has helped him understand the days of the week, and given him an awareness of what days we do certain activties.


We have a number of listed options while out, if he really can not cope been in a certain shop we have a breather period, this is where he can come outside get some fresh air and take some time to get himself calm again, this has been really successful for Jay.


Together me and Jay have described some of the difficulties finds hard to cope with here is his list.


Smelly areas, so purfume and aftershave palours, high intensive spot lights, a well know fashion store has these, this a no go area for him as it leaves him ill. Loud areas, so if there is speakers bellowing out music or anouncements these distress him, busy, crowded areas, he fears he will loose me, he gets upset that he will be lost, that someone will take him or worse sanorio if there is terrisit and there is a bomb and it goes off while were out, yes for us this is a major issue, he really does fear the worse situation.


Im just sharing with you some of Js worries and fears, difficulties because as much as it might look like he wants control and power, Jay feels helpless, powerless and absaloutly petrified going out, he struggles with buses, and its a real upheaval for him, Im beginning to see how in the past the triggers and how orful his behaviour was, that we often ended up returning home because of his disruptive and destressing behaviour.


We do go out now, it takes effort and patience and lots of planning, but I also do understand how hard it is for Jay.



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Hello. Sorry you are going through a rough time at the moment. My son was in year 3 last year and I can honestly say that it is the hardest he's ever been so I really sympthise. I think the transition from the infants to the juniors is very hard for our kids to cope with really.


Its funny (not ha ha) my boy says now that he wants to join the army NOW so he can get the gun and shoot himself :crying: amongst other things! DH thinks he does it for effect but I'm not so sure about that. Apart from that he's being very good but something is brewing under the surface - he's being too good!


Anyway, have a >:D<<'>



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