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I had a letter to say mumps is on the increase in our area. Ds had the mmr at 13 months but I did not let him have the booster. I do not blame the mmr for his autisum BUT the seeds of doubt were sown and I felt very strongly he should not have the second jab. My health visitor and the school nurse have been very keen for him to have the booster but my gut says no.

He is a very robust fit and healthy child, so should I worry about mumps?

I worry that by not getting him immunised I run the risk he could catch it, but my gut still says no jab. I feel between a rock and a hard place


He is doing so well, and has progressed so much I am terrified that of anything changing that.


any advice?

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If it's mumps specifically you are concerned about, would it be any good to try and find a doctor (probably private!), who'll give the single mumps booster. I know that some people who are worried about the triple jab have gone for them as singles...I assume they still need a booster for singles as they do for triples?

Of course, you could always go the traditional route and actively expose him to the mumps in the hope he'll get away with a mild dose and develop his own immunity...(no, I would't go down that route either, but some do!).

Otherwise, boost his immunity with echinacea, give him a good prebiotic/probiotic and lots of good, healthy food and hope he'll not catch it!


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