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...and I always thought it was because I'm left handed...

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Hi there!


I'm new here and I'm wanting to find out more about Asperger's and whether it applies to me.


I always thought many of my attributes were due to being a Libra or left handed. But for a long time I've had a niggling suspicion that aspergers might have something to do with it.


I was listening to a program on Radio 4 about "

" which ticked quite a few boxes, including communication issues and hypersensitive hearing (or cocktail party deafness). Not to mention problems with starting relationships, being considered odd by other people, eye contact, and on a more subjective level, having an inner state that can often seem very different from what is being projected. And having a 'painful talent' struck a chord as well - I'm good at drawing and programming and have a strong interest in science, but I'm very frustrated at not being able to make the most of my interests and talents. What's it called? Self-Actualisation?


I read somewhere else about sequencing things to do can very difficult with asperger's - I know I do best in a carefully structured environment; and also problems leaving the house - coat, hat, wallet keys - camera? Oh no I didn't charge the batteries or clear the memry stick... et cetera, so I often find it difficult leaving the house to the point of getting somewhat reclusive.


Other things include anxiety and depression which have been quite a strong feature in my life which I am currently being treated for and have been treated for in the past.


Recent circumstances have really made me think that I really need to do something about whatever's wrong. I ran into debt earlier this year after being clobbered by bank charges, which on hindsight I could have easily avoided but I found myself getting completely stuck. On top of that my mother has alzheimer's which I've been finding very difficult to deal with - I have been needing to spend a lot more time with the family and it's taken the focus off me trying to sort out and get on with my life.


I'm aware that self diagnosis is not particularly easy - for instance you might be feeling a bit paranoid about something and leap to the conclusion that you're schizophrenic, but I'm certainly thinking I'm on to something here. There are of course a number of things that make think I'm not very aspergery which I haven't gone in to.


Furthermore I scored 24 (average 16.4, 32+ is autism) on Simon Baron Cohen's 'Autism Spectrum' test, if that's any help.


So there we go. That's all I have time to say at the moment. Hope that gives a clear idea about what it's like being me :-)


Cheers! :cheers:



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Good luck in discovering more to help you get a diagnosis.



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hi McGroo!

Also new here! I scored 41-43 on the AQ depending on my mood! I also, have been treated for depression/anxiety and its up in the air whether it was Bi polar, which Im sure it is not, as the psych still puts a "?" in the diagnosis and I dont fit into the majority of the ups and downs. Im an not dx'ed yet either but I do also feel onto a winner with AS, or at least making sense and self realization, journey, etc, whatever it is. Some of what I've been learning actually made me cry, not sad, just I think relieved that it was documented and there are others. So I joined here to find these so called "others" ...

As I was reading your post I thought, hang on where's the cctv in my place?


I can relate to a lot of what you say.


Ok well welcome and good luck getting dx'ed if in fact that is what route you are going for. Can you say a bit more? Personally I've only known about AS for a few mos and the more I read the more I think oh wow if Only that was around when I was a kid I'd have had better chances/relationships/what have you.

at the mo, I'm in btw jobs, and have been for a year, so keeping one is hard for me, due to comms, people, politics, etc.

Or you can read my post in the meet and greet bit. Ok ttfn look forward with getting to know you on here.


take care




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Trekster, thanks for the tip, I will contact prospects. Also, it says you have fibromyalgia, so does my mom....


It runs in families. PM me if you mum would like access to a multiple disability forum. We've got loads of fibro friends on there.

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