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hi just wondered if anyone has any advise my eldest dd of 14 was diagnosed with aspergers about a month ago( had been waiting 3 years since things started going wrong)we have an appointment with autistic unit on tuesday to give us the full details,however also have a 10 daughter who over the last 6 months or so seems to be acting in some of the same ways,feels like deja vu!had her crying her eyes out last night saying she feels as though she is getting shyer with people and doesnt like doing solo talks at school and going up in assembly to collect things infront of everyone,this is how it all started with my eldest daughter,but youngest one cant remember that cos its going back at least 4-5 years ago,and its the silly little things like she has stopped eating her lunch at school ,comimg home starving but wont eat at school,this is what eldest one did and now doesnt eat in front of anyone.the youngest one has also started pushing away dad if he wants a cuddle,she doesnt like being cuddled,with the eldest one it was as though she hit a brick wall and decided couldnt cope anymore as though til then her whole life especialiy out of the home had been a pretence,i now feel as though the youngest is going the same way!!eldest doesnt go out anywhere,not even school and to get the youngest out is sooo hard we went shopping yesterday and i dared to park in a different car park,cant believe how upset she got,didnt have any further to walk but was just a different car park! as though she couldnt deal with the change.sometimes i think im just being paranoid or is it just me? or should i mention something to the autistic unit and her school to get them to keep an eye on things,the thought of having to wait for years on end before anything emerges is quite daunting,sorry such a long post just wanted to see if anyone has any advise is it hereditory or am i just making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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