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Dodgy Internet Connection

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At least once a week my wireless network crashes = internet cut off - and is either simple to sort (turn off router and restart) or really complex to solve (loading in new router settings and creating a new network, needs loads and loads of numbers putting in and is a total hassle - this happens less often - maybe every 2 months).


The message I get in my internet browser when this happens and I'm online at the time is - DNS lookup failure.


Does anyone know why a "DNS lookup failure" occurs?

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A DNS lookup error occurs when your computer cannot connect to the Domain Name System. maybe something to do with internet connection or the modem.

DNS lookup is the process by which the DNS servers at your service provider look up the IP address of the domain name you've typed in. If your computer cannot connect to the DNS, you'll receive a DNS lookup error.

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I've already spoken to them a few times...


It's cuz my router isn't great and it isn't coping with the dynamic IP address (basically the change makes my router have a hissy fit - thereby cutting internet connection).


It's the third router I've had this year - looks like it's time to phone again (which means I'll do it next time it really bugs me)


Thanks anyway :)


(I was just hoping for a fix that didn't require moaning again lol)

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It may not actually be the dynamic IP, there are many reasons where this may happen. If it is happening every week, the same day, this may be the dynamic IP change. The DNS lookup error is what you get when the computer cannot connect to the DNS server, a DNS server is what changes a domain name (such as google.com) in to an IP address (such as which is what your computer actually conencts to in the background. Internet disconnection is usually caused (in my experience) by a faulty ADSL filter. What model is your router? Did you buy it seperately or with your broadband package? If it is with your broadband then it should work. If you don't want to moan, you could buy your own seperately, setting up isn't exactly simple (depending on which one you go with) but I can help you if required.


EDIT: Ah, I was a bit late.

Edited by CallumA

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I'm still having the problem, I'm on aol - I think it uses a different IP every time I connect to the internet (or the 5 other devices in the house) cuz the only number that stays the same is my router access number.


It has happened at all times of day but some times more frequent that others (afternoon and tea-time) very rare in the night, moderately rare in the morning.


I think that this problem occurs because the router refreshes itself (or whatever it does) and I assume it changes to a new IP (or whatever) after a certain amount of time, and because the numbers change, if I'm connected to the internet at the time it does it, everything crashes because the connection it had doesn't exist any more...


Or something like that (its late and my mind is not awake enough for even mild techie language tonight) :D


Does this sound feasible?

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