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Sleep and sleepproblems

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Hello everyone,


Since I have not only an ASD diagnosis, but also a sleep disorder.. I noticed that loads of ASD folk have sleeping problems:

* sleeping to little or having trouble falling asleep (insomnia)

* sleeping excessively (hypersomnia)

* nightmares

* snoring

* sleepwalking

* falling asleep suddenly

* having muscle lapses, loosing control of facial /neck muscles when laughing or with sudden emotions

* ...


I found a topic with an BBC-interesting link to several related topic, with helpful research to fill in about your personal sleepprofile + tips to improve your sleep habits :D

but also loads more



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thanks for this link, it is really helpful. I have sleep apnoea which is a complete nightmare. I also struggle to fall asleep, and then when I am asleep I sleep for ages.

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