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What options are available to my Aspergers son?

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My son has been taken out of school where he was studying for his AS Levels; whilst very intelligent, he does average in school due to not being able to function in mainstream school environments. He is desperate to succeed however, and wants to get back into studying, but he does not want to enter another mainstream school. I suggested home-education but he mentioned that he would get anxious over meeting any new tutors. I would like to know what the options are for people with Aspergers with regards to education. Thanks.

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if your son is of college age, I am not sure a statement is necessary. Certainly in Wales, the Welsh Assembly funds specialist college placements. where the alternatives do not work. And will extend time of funding.

My daughter was initially funded for 2 years for her A levels but as she was half way through second year and looking at Uni's, her anxiety levels went up so I reapplied for an extension which she got, she dropped an A2 and then did that this year with an extra course. She is now goign to uni in september. Although she had a statement at school. this was not considered for her college funding.

Instead it was all based on school / college reports, and professional assessments.


There are day provisions but also residential colleges. Not sure how it works in Engand though.

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