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is thinking before acting -impulsivity of the ADHD?

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why do I not put thinking process in before I act upon situation or even ask for general advice off parents ,just jump straight in feet first put my fott right in it! without thinking before hand! then afterwards feel so bad,guilty , when pointed out to me I can see how it is suppose to be! why do find this such challenge ,struggle is it due to impulsivity behind ADHD could this be explanation/reason behind as seem to do this quite bit throughout my life so far! feel so deflated, frustrated and annoyed with myself which does nothing for my self-esteem to be honest! does anyone have this issue at all?


I'm struggling to keep up with managing keeping up with fast pace life of ADHD Leaves me feel totally drained! never seem to learn from my past ,old mistakes or advice? feel so wrong putting it due to the ADHD? cant wait to see how medication and coping skills from ADHD & AS team will help me move on forward hopefully so can be more productive like I am slowly doing with AS but still has taken years to do!


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