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Driving licence for 17 yo

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Hello everyone


Hope i'm posting in the right area. About to apply for provisional licence for DS who will shortly be 17.

Does his Asperger and social anxiety/phobia diagnoses make any difference? I've just had a quick look and in the list it asks if you have a neurological or mental health condition. ASD is neurodevelopmental, right, not neurological? He also has a chromosome anomaly (translocation).


Also does anyone know if it affects insurance ( which I'm expecting to be astronomical anyway)


i am sure he will be a really good driver, with his own in built sat-nav! Can already answer all the theory questions so want to get his licence so he can take the test. I really want to encourage him, but don't want to if there are going to be problems.


I'd be grateful for some advice.





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I am new to this forum.

We had to consider this with our son who was diagnosed with Asperger at 18 years old. He started to learn to drive at 19, you are required to inform the DVLA but we had no problems. They just sent a letter saying it's OK for him to drive. He's now 22, has passed and has a car. The insurance was very high for the 1st year but he's just started year 2 now and with the no claims the insurance halved. It was made a lot cheaper by having telematics installed. Hope this helps.

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