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ADHD on concerta xl lots of side effects

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Hi my 10 year old son has aspergers and ADHD and he is on concerta xl. He is very underweight for his age (3 stone 7 or. 49lbs) he is also very petite. His twin sister is 2 stone heavier and much taller. He has been taking this about 18 months and hasn't gained any weight since starting taking it. He was initially taking Ritalin 10mg twice a day and 5 mg in the evening. Just recently he has started complaining of headaches and stomach cramps. He has no appetite and makes excuses every meal time as to why he can't eat, the exception being breakfast when he eats reasonably well. He says the concerta makes him feel sad and on the odd occasions he hasn't taken it he is much happier. When he doesn't take it he is much louder and hyperactive but manageable for us. I am not sure how school would cope with him though and his school work has improved since taking it. The only real food he eats are eggs, cereal and brioche rolls this concerns me as he was lactose intolerant till he was 4.

He hasn't seen his consultant in over a year and we can't get an appointment till the end of next month. I have rang the secretary numerous times to try to get an appointment and I can't get one. I have also been to my GP 3 times about this and the answer is always allow him to eat what he wants no matter how poor quality the food as long as it's high calorie. This concerns me as I want my children to eat nutritious foods. I no longer know what to do and am beginning to dislike giving him the tablets. He is susceptible to infection and looks very pale. Any advice.

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Could you try dietary interventions to help with his behaviour? Sounds like he could be addicted to dairy and gluten. Ecnicia (sp?) Might help with the low immunity.


could he go back on tge meds that weren't causing such severe side effects?

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