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attention research students before you post.....

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Any research topic which doesn't have permission from one or more of the moderators to be posted will be removed without warning.

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I noticed the pinned post so wanted to enquire if research is not permissable or does it depend on the subject content?

I am interested for the purposes of my dissertation in anyone with AS or ASD who has had contact with law enforcement, as a victim or suspect and how they found the experience.

Would this be a permitted to post as a topic??

I became interested in the consequences of the lack of public service training into ASD after my eldest son let me know that his autistic brother was taking the blame for all transgressions in the household, either on promise of 'no one will be punished, we just want the person who did it to own up' or because another sibling told him that he had done it!

He was also in trouble frequently at school and the fact that he was being bullied went unnoticed for a good while. Once again, it was someone else speaking up who highlighted this :-(

I am now very aware about how important the phrasing of a question can be!!


However it is understandable that you may not want the support forum to become involved with research, particularly if the topic is emotive.


Best wishes

Arlene Anderson


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Please seek permission before you post a research topic by private messaging me first. Names of supervisor and ethical approval where relevant also need to be included.

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