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      Depression, Mental Health and Crisis Support   06/04/2017

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ASD assessment and diagnosis, what to expect ?

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Bit of newbie lurker here.


In November 2014, I was diagnosed with ADHD. To my surprise, the ADHD specialist also said he was "pretty sure" I was on the autism spectrum. So he referred me to an NHS autism spectrum disorder (ASD) unit for an assessment. A few weeks ago, I had the ASD assessment. During the assessment, I had an interview which also referred to the ASD symptoms in my ADHD diagnosis. I had an ADOS test, too. Afterwards, the assessor called a relative to discuss my background.


The ASD unit have invited me back for a follow up appointment to discuss feedback. The appointment lasts an hour and I'm allowed to bring a friend or relative.


So I am wondering if others have any advice on the kinds of things I should be asking at this follow-up appointment.


I've impressed with the NHS service. For the ADHD assessment, I was on the waiting list for 4 months. And less than 10 months from ASD referral to assessment.


Just a bit nervous about this all really....

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I'm thinking it may be best to phone them to ask their advice regarding your part and focus in the follow up. I don't think its good to focus on problems but I guess you will have considered / documented how asperger traits have historically impacted your life ... negatives and hopefully positives too ... Do you foresee any barriers to a happy life ahead due to your asperger traits? ... Can they help you with 'workarounds'. Will you need further support and if so what with and from where ? I'm guessing they are going to help with some extra brainpower for any future areas that seem cloudy. Its guesswork though. If you are able ask them, then you can prepare properly. One hour is not long.

For me the diagnosis was both a huge relief but also a source of worry, confusion. Now a time of acceptance and continued adaptation with insight which was formally absent. Its nice that I don't have to kid myself any more. Liberating

Edit: I notice you are affected by ADHD. Something I have no knowledge of, so I apologise if my comments do not appear relevant.

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Had my follow up appointment today. I meet the criteria and they diagnosed me as being on the spectrum. They reminded me that the aspergers diagnosis has been dropped and included in the overall spectrum. They took me through their draft report and I'll get a written copy in a few days. It was an interesting meeting. As it happens, I'm already seeing an NHS psychologist discussing anxiety problems and a diagnosis report will be sent to him. They also recommended going to an autism spectrum meeting in London, which I really want to do.


This assessment and diagnosis experience has been helpful and explains a lot. Particularly my coping and compensating mechanisms for dealing with difficult situations. From now, I'd like to continue seeing the psychologist but with discussions focused practical help.

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Congratulations! My diagnosis explained a lot for me too, but I've been getting precious little support afterwards. The waiting seems to last forever. I hope you soon get the support you need.

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