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Charlie C

Antipsychotics - stopped drinking alcohol for 11 weeks - more walking - not lost any weight.

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I'm on the maximum dose of Aripiprazole 400 mg monthly injection because of some supposed non -compliance issues years ago and now they won't take me off it and I have fought and fought but because I apparently have a psychotic illness called Schizoaffective disorder and ASD plus a Mild Learning Disability they don't take me serious.


The psychiatrist put me on a community treatment order last year when my section 3 in hospital and its renewed every 6 months forcing me this med and to live here in this house with 24/7 staff support, If I run away for the night they ring the police and report me missing and potentially re-called on my section 3.


Now I have tried and tried to lose weight, I'm 21 stone - 5ft 8in. and hate my body. 11 weeks without alcohol, walking everywhere and eating much healthy and not not lost one pound in weight, what does it take?


I have excluded the second opinion doctor and PALs and feel really stuck.


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I'm sure they do take you seriously. You're safety and others has to be balanced out. Can you get a mind mental health advocate to help you understand your rights?


The only thing that helped me look weight on antipsychotics was going off gluten and dairy permanently. Lost three stone in a year of starting.

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I wouldn't exclude second opinion doctor and PALs. Sounds like you are in a frustrating situation but ideally (as long as you are treated fairly) you need to work with the system you are in. You can only really use the systems own rules or national law to challenge them.

The more you kick against them the longer you will be on section.

I would look into getting a mental health advocate to help you get your point across and ensure you are treated fairly and seriously. Some of them do really good work and understand the system well.

The last thing you want is any relapse and you must always remember its the public and authorities perception that ultimately judges such things.

After a period of such illness, even if symptoms are not discernible it pays to be cautious.

When it comes to medical matters compliance is everything. Its not good to be known for non compliance.

The medication you mention is available orally, but you would need to show that you will be compliant and that you understand why someone previously thought you were not compliant. This would show 'insight' which will be viewed as progress.

I guess you want to be aiming for the lowest possible maintenance dose over time before raising the issue of stopping. Always work with the medics for the best outcome.

Excess weight can be frustrating. It may be related to the meds.

If you can at least stabilise the weight that would be a good first option. I find walking is no good as an exercise for me unless I march. A good march for 20 or 30 minutes two times a day may kick things off and you could even add a 20 min dance round your flat if you like. I'd be aiming to get moist (not dripping with sweat) on each occasion. Generating heat uses a lot of energy. Also, eating things that make good compost helps.

I hope you find some sense in my response

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