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My daughter got put on SEN after me pushing for it for years. She has just moved up to year 5 and I feel her homework is to hard. She's been sat with me crying and upset as she can't do it!! This keeps happening I'm worried she's getting work like this in school the just keep fobbing me off!! Still not seen her sen plan!! It's knocking her confidence allot. What should I do or should she be still trying this level of work? Dr recommended she went back to counting blocks. Put she's getting this kind of stuff.

Thank you

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Well done for pushing to get on the SEN register. (Unfortunately) That's step 1 and you will need to keep pushing. If you can get on an IPSEA foundation law course in person or over the Internet that will help you feel confident when you ask for the school's legal obligations to be fulfilled.


In summary once on the SEN register the school is supposed to assess-plan-do-review and record this process in an SEN record. This can also be called a provision map or IEP. It should set out what support is being provided and by who/when/how much. Ideally there are also targets to measure progress against but in practice that seems rare. The school should meet you at least 3 times a year to discuss progress (2 of these meetings could be standard parents evenings) but at least one should be with the SENCO to review and update the SEN Record/Plan.


If I were you I'd get a copy of the school SEN policy and find out what they call their record. Then I'd email in and ask for a copy of your son's records (they've got to give you a copy) at which point if they've not prepared one they suddenly will! Once you have the copy you can then email in comments/questions etc and ask about provision for missing items.


If homework generally is a problem look on Tony Attwood's site and print off his homework advice. Ask for a dispensation to have no homework. If it's a particular subject ask if they've assessed her for Specific Learning Difficulty SpLD). You mentioned counting issues - have you head of dyscalcula?


Generally Keep copies of all the paperwork and detailed notes of your meetings. When you meet the teacher ask about how she is in class. I was always told he was "fine" but uncooperative- but when I saw a form filled in by his teacher I saw he was showing a lot of stress behaviours. So I finally wrote in with all my evidence and said his SEN was in the social and emotional sphere, also that I thought he had the SpLD Dysgraphia and that he was showing signs of stress (long list) so what support were they going to give to mitigate against future mental health problems? That letter has got action! Not sure it's useful action tbh but at least they are now trying. I hope you also get some attention! Good luck


PS if the school don't get on with it consider finding a PATOSS assessor through their website who should be able to assess for SpLDs which are often overlooked once a diagnosis of ASD has been given

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