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Is my friend on the spectrum

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First off, he seems to have a very abrasive personality and seems to suffer a lot of stress and anxiety so its hard to tell if thats seperate.


I moved in with him temporarily 6 years ago and noticed he was the stereotypical slob, he himself admits he hates changes to his routine, the house he lived was so dirty I spent 8 hours tidy, he smoked roll ups and made them by emptying contents of pouch onto table which also had coffee and cola stains, in the kitchen was 2 years worth of rubbish in bags, pots and pans not cleaned in 2 years, whenever he wanted to cook he picked up a dirty plate or pan and used it, his laminate flooring was damaged as he was so absorbed in using his pc he didnt notice a broken castor until I mentioned, the castor had broken months before.


He admits he has no friends and struggles to make them, I did get him to go to his doctors about a aspergers assessment and he was told they wanted him to have more tests, but this is one of his major character flaws he can't be bothered to do anything as he finds changes stressful or no point to them.


If someone argues with him he makes a nervous laugh and blocks out the world also does things like slur his speech and come across as if he is of low intelligence.


He has terrible hygine, well he brushes his teeth but wears the same clothes for days that are years old, massive holes in them, hardly ever shaves, hardly ever showers, and when I lived with him and even when he visits me he complains when I clean saying "whats wrong with things" the floor could be covered in trodden in grass, dirt etc.


When he visits he leaves my property as they say looking like a bomb site, beds unmade even sheets fallen off, dirty empties contents of his backpack onto floor, has empty food containers as he eats take aways, spilled drinks cans


In living room I can havea empty take away containers on floor, empty crisp/sweet packets, empty beer cans, empt coffee mugs, he doesn't even clean up and just says he will do it later.


He also has habits like walking very heavily on his heel so all I can hear is stomping, using excessive force on things like fridge and microwave doors to the point he has jerked microwave forward before (at which point he moans and says its my fault), earlier I noticed I spilled some food in microwave when I used it and wanted to wipe it up and he was moaning "its fine its fine, I just want my food" (like a kid) and huffing and puffing and speaking loudly about me getting in his way last week we went for a drive as first time I have seen him since he bought a car he got so confused as wasn't used to town rounds (as he lives in countryside) he was basically muddling his speech and almost crashed changing lanes, then when we got to pub to get a meal he was so confused (like you expect someone who has a stroke to have, not meaning any offense)


He also seems to have hearing problems, I can play something at a low volume and he will say its loud and its making him stressed and have a headache, but then when he watches or listens to something its loud as he says he can barely hear it (seems more to do with sound vibrations than actual volume) He can also wake up at the slightest sound or something like me tiptoeing about going to toilet at night.


Its hard to tell if hes a slob, has anxiety/depression, is on the spectrum or a mix but considering his own doctor wanted him to get assessed for it I say he has signs



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